Kids’ Club Review by Ansh: Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr FoxFantastic Mr Fox, by Roald Dahl

This book is about Boggis, Bunce , Bean( three farmers ) and Mr. fox.
Bean who is tall and lean is a turkey and apple farmer who doesn’t eat ,He only drinks apple cider.
Mr. fox he is so clever that every day he creeps down to the valley and helps himself to food from the farms.
I like this book because:
1. The book hooks you in. When you read a bit, you want to read more.
2. I like how there is a lovely song inside the book about the three farmers
Boggis and Bunce and Bean..
One fat, one short, one lean…
I recommend this book for people seven and up. If someone is younger, I recommend an adult or older brother or sister to read it to them unless they are a really good readers.
If someone likes this book I recommend them to read more books by Roald Dahl as he is a great author.

3 stars

Reviewed by Ansh from Johnsonville and Johnsonville School , 9 years old

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    Well done Ansh

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