Kids’ Club Review by Malia: Count me in

Count me inCount me in, by Bernadette Hellard

I thought that netball gems was a good story. It was about a girl called sahar that was starting a netball team and found it hard to fit in. my favorite part was when sahar had her first netball game she was really good and got lots of intersepts . I thought that was very unexpected.

4 stars

Reviewed by Malia from Tawa and , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Zak: Weirdo 7 : mega weird

Weirdo 7 : mega weirdWeirdo 7 : mega weird, by Anh Do

In this book weirdo and his family are trying to sell stuff in a garage sale. His dad is really funny in this book and he made pants with three legs. There is lots of cool pictures and I really enjoyed reading it.

4 stars

Reviewed by Zak  from Tawa and , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Zak: Extra weird!

Extra weird!Extra weird!, by Anh Do

This is my favorite book in the weirdo series so far. For some reason Weirdo is scared of ladybugs which is funny. His grandpa says he has really good ears and that he can hear a spider juggling. It was awesome, I loved it.

5 stars

Reviewed by Zak from Tawa and , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Kimberley: Saffron, so quite excellent

Saffron, so quite excellentSaffron, so quite excellent, by Victoria M. Azaro

Saffron’s mum sang in a very high pitch voice and she played the piano. She liked to do some very strange singing exercise every morning. Star Anise liked to sleep in the day and play at night. That’s why Saffron’s mum kept yarning and yarning. Saffron tried to help her but that got even worse. They went to the airport to collect their dad. The police had come and asked what’s wrong. Sage said mum had abandoned us. And then they ran away from the police and they yelled. They cried people people help. They ran and ran and ran.

5 stars

Reviewed by Kimberley from Tawa and , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Carson: Three little pigs

Three little pigsThree little pigs, by Pam Holden

Good. The wolf was trying to eat the pigs, but the book didn’t have that many words. I though the wolf was going to say more things to the pigs. The book taught about different alphabets.

5 stars

Reviewed by Carson from Tawa and , 5 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Siddhi: Sapphire spell

Sapphire spellSapphire spell, by Rosie Banks

Secret Kingdom , Sapphire Spell

In this book Summer , Jasmine and Ellie have a terrific Adventure because Queen Malice (King Merry’s evil sister) takes over the Kingdom and destroys the beautiful, lovely kingdom and puts King Merry in a dungeon OH NO! Then… Summer , Jasmine and Ellie have to get to Sapphire Stream and get the Sapphire before Queen Malice gets it! But luckly the girls have the water nymphs on their side!

Later as Jasmine blinked could she see a glint of blue between two rocks she felt , with her fingers it was a tight fit, she pulled and yanked then her heart flipped with delight as the gem popped free she rose back to the surface.

My not favourite part is when… Queen Malice’s trolls decide to destroy Sapphire Stream!

My favourite part is when Jasmine grabs the jewel (gem) and saves the day
I recommend people to read this book because it is so like a made up narrative

By Siddhi Kalakota

4 stars

Reviewed by Siddhi from Tawa and , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Holly: Three cups of tea

Three cups of teaThree cups of tea, by Sarah Thomson

I was hooked on this book from the first page. I wasn’t so sure about it at first but it is a very inspiring book, and I recommend age 9+ to read it. It is about how this guy called Greg Mortenson climbs the second highest mountain in the world, and on the way down he takes a wrong turn, and ends up in a town called Korphe, and he sees the way they teach their children, which is outside, and sometimes in the rain and cold wind, and he doesn’t like it, so he decides to build a school for the village’s children.


5 stars

Reviewed by Holly from Khandallah and , 10 years old