New Non Fiction: Encyclopedias and Handbooks galore!

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Image courtesy of SyndeticsThe childrens encyclopedia of dinosaurs : begin to discover the amazing prehistoric world.

This encyclopedia is a great introduction about the incredible time of dinosaurs. Truly lives up to its expectations providing amazing facts and awesome pictures. Great resource to use for homework on dinosaurs and prehistoric period.





image courtesy of syndeticsThe childrens encyclopedia of oceans : begin to discover the amazing underwater world.

Dive in and take an amazing voyage of discovery and exploration by reading this fantastic encyclopedia that tells you anything and everything about ocean life. With easy to understand text and remarkable photography, you will be able to unlock the secrets of the sea.





image courtesy of syndeticsTop 10 For Boys 2014.

Breaking news, Boys! Here is a book that holds the coolest collection of facts, feats and fun things for boys to do! From the 10 greatest superhero movies and 10 most successful video games, to the  10 deadliest animals and 10 tallest roller coasters this book will simply amaze you! – I for one am simply amazed!





image courtesy of syndeticsThe Big Book of Awesome Animals.

Get ready to go on a journey where you will uncover the bizarre behaviour and horrid habits of the world’s most unusual creatures. I have to say, they don’t call this “The Big Book of Awesome Animals.” for nothing. You are bound to find information to all the tough and queasy questions you have about your favourite animals.






image courtesy of syndeticsWhats where in the world.

There is one word for this book – Awesome! This unique visual encyclopaedia is literately planet earth as you have never seen it. By reading this book, you will take a unique tour of Planet Earth and find out what goes where in the world. Covers diverse topics in six chapters on Geography, Nature, People, History, Arts & Entertainment and Science & Technology, as well as anything and everything from shipwrecks and castles to wildlife and hurricanes,  fantastic picture maps that show you what’s where in the world, the world’s tallest buildings, longest rivers, most dangerous earthquake spots and even where you can find animals that glow! I was very impressed with the world maps. I felt they presented a very clear account of world geography. This book is  perfect for school projects in the areas of geography, nature, history and technology projects.



The Real Wonders of the World.image courtesy of syndetics

Ready to see the real wonders of the world? This book is just the ticket! Get ready to go on a journey of discovery to find the most awe-inspiring places and experiences on the planet, from the Empire State Building to Death Valley, Dubai’s wonder worlds, and Egypt’s Great Pyramids. Combines traditional world wonders with the ‘real’ wonders of their world. Even better, this is a book not for parents. Great for ages 8-12 year olds.


A magical evening at Kilbirnie Library

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by adrienne

Poster image for Magic Show SMALLEdward the Magnificent will be performing a special children’s magic show at Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) Library tomorrow night.

You won’t want to miss out on this one – there will be tricks with cards, balloons, scarves, ropes, coins and more! You won’t believe your eyes.

Turn up early to grab a cushion on the floor.

Thursday 14th August, starting at 6.30pm (runs for approx. 45mins).

(Free, suitable for 5-12 year olds, bookings not required)

Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!

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by Florence

KISS KISS! on the right cheek, KISS KISS! on the left cheek…. YUCK! YUCK! cries Andy who just can’t escape Auntie Elsie’s sloppy kisses fast enough. Andy hides from Aunty Elsie in the most ingenious places, but Aunty Elsie always finds him, and delivers another two fat, sloppy smooches every time.

But one day, Auntie Elsie doesn’t visit. Andy realizes that perhaps the sloppy smackers weren’t quite so bad after all…

Come and see Newtown School’s brilliant 3D sculpture of Andy and Auntie Elsie at Miramar Library, where it will be on display until August 21st. They are part of Wellington City Libraries “Books Go Arty With Kyle Mewburn” children’s sculpture exhibition. The amazing Newtown School sculptors have smothered Andy and Auntie Elsie in bright red sloppy kisses. They have used papier mache, cardboard tubes, bamboo garden sticks and many more to show the warm and special relationship between the two.

by Fiona Markwell

  kiss kiss yuck yuck

Kyle Mewburn at Central Library


Check out the photos of last week amazing event “Books Go Arty” at Central Library. Kyle Mewburn came all the way from Central Otago last Tuesday and Wednesday to meet the classes who had created sculptures based on his books. Classes from Karori Normal, Clifton Terrace, Newtown and Mount Cook had the chance to meet Kyle Mewburn, ask him lots of questions and play a Scavenger Hunt game. The sculptures based on Blue Gnu, Dinosaur rescue, Duck is stuck, Chick is sick, A crack in the sky, Melu, Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck were honored by their creators…

Picture 105 Picture 056Picture 068Picture 064

Free drawing classes at Johnsonville Library

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by debbie

Do you enjoy drawing and art? Then make sure you come along to

Johnsonville Library this Friday 8th July at 6.30pm.

We are going to have a free class on drawing and art and it is aimed at children aged 5 and over.

Make sure you come along as its going to be heaps of fun.

Drawing Drawing1

Top 10 Children’s DVDs for July

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by Dusty

Animation tops the billing for kids favourite movies:

1.   My little pony, friendship is magic.
2.   Strawberry Shortcake.
3.   Dino Dan.
4.   Dinosaur train.
5.   Legends of Chima.
6.   Transformers prime.
7.   Ninjago, masters of Spinjitzu.
8.   Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
9.   Shaun the sheep.
10. Planes

Top 10 Children’s comics for July

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by Dusty

Favourite funny characters to wrap up with and enjoy over the wintery months.

1.   Pokemon by Hidenori Kusaka
2.   Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce
3.   The complete Peanuts by Charles M.  Schulz
4.   Asterix omnibus by Goscinny and Udzero
5.   Chi’s sweet home by Kanata Konami
6.   Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi
7.   Babymouse series by Jennifer L. Holm
8.   Warriors series by Dan Jolley
9.   Adventure time by Ryan North
10. Red Rackham’s treasure by Herge

Free Children’s Magic Shows!

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by adrienne

Poster image for Magic Show SMALLStep right up, and prepared to be amazed by Edward the Magnificent!

Perfect for children of all ages, Edward the Magnificent will be performing 3 magic shows in August:

Karori Library: Thursday 7th August at 6.30pm

Central Library: Saturday 9th August at 10.30am

Kilbirnie Library: Thursday 14th August at 6.30pm


Practice your magic words and slight of hand and head along to these free magical shows.

Johnsonville Late Night Storytime

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Don’t forget to come along to Johnsonville Library this Friday night (1st August) at 6.30pm for our late night storytime.

For the month of August we will be reading stories in the dark – so bring along a torch and we will see you there.


New Non Fiction: Back to School numbers.

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by Katie

Welcome to Term 3! I hope you all had a fantastic break over the school holidays.  Here are some new junior non fiction to help you catch up on your school work.
image courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsWhy do reptiles have scales? : and other questions about evolution and classification. 
Wildlife wonders? You better believe it. This book covers anything and everything you want/need to know about the classification and evolution of reptiles and how they have adapted to survive the ever changing environment. This is a great book to use for biology projects and homework. Great for Primary and Intermediate level.

You might also want to check out Why do Plants have flowers? and other questions about evolution and classification. Lots of amazing facts about the evolution and classification of plants, like you find out the age of a tree by counting the rings beneath the bark and apparently find out which flower smells of rotting meat – Whoa!. A great resource to sue for horticulture projects and homework.



image courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsIt’s time for Animaths! It’s time to improve your maths sssskills by looking at Shapes with Snakes. Become a “roaring” success with maths by Taking Away with Tigers and some maths ant-ics by looking at Adding with Ants.

These books are great to use to introduce young children to simple key maths concepts with the use of  cut out photos of animals. These books are sure to engage the interest of reluctant mathematicians.




All about the Commonwealthimage courtesy of syndetics

According to WikipediaThe Commonwealth of Nations, commonly known as the Commonwealth (formerly the British Commonwealth),  is an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states (including New Zealand) that were mostly territories of the former British Empire, with some notable exceptions. The Commonwealth operates by intergovernmental consensus of the member states, organised through the Commonwealth Secretariat, and non-governmental organisations, organised through the Commonwealth Foundation.

Luckily for the library, we now have a junior non fiction book jam packed with information about the Commonwealth. This informative, fact-packed guide also tells you all about the history and the aims of the Commonwealth since its foundation in 1931. Did you know New Zealand is one of the 53 countries led by HM Queen Elizabeth II? A great book to use for Social Studies homework.




image courtesy of syndeticsCool Kids Cook.

Ready for another back to school number that will help you ace Home Economics and allow you to unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey-Jaime Oliver- Nigella Lawson-Chelsea Winter? Donna Hay has released a cookbook for kids. Donna Hay for kids?! How cool is that! Check out the awesome cookbook, catered for cool kids that contains over 40 fun and simple recipes for kids to make for family and friends to enjoy. Found a few tasty numbers like spaghetti bolognese, sausage rolls, chicken noodle soup, cup cakes and chocolate moose. Wow,  I wish I had this book when I was doing Home Economics at school.




image courtesy of knight academy blog

Encyclopedia of the human body : begin to discover the human body.

Got a biology project coming up on the human body? This back to school number can help.  The Encyclopedia of the human body will allow you to discover information about how the human body and anatomy works. You will discover and learn everything from how blood flows through the heart, to how food is digested and where your voice comes from… hmmm!  This is the kind of book that makes *physiology look cool and screams AMAZING!


*Physiology: The branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.