Exploring new borders: New non-fiction

What is contemporary art?

Read this book and parents dragging you along to an art gallery will never be boring again. In fact, if you read this book, you might end up knowing more than your olds! This book takes you through different types of contemporary artist and what they use, which is everything from crushed cars to rocks to eggshells. Of course, painting is also featured but not in any way you might have seen before. It goes without saying that this book has great pictures of all the art works, and next time you go to an art gallery, you’ll look at things in a whole new way.




Great Britain: everything you ever wanted to know

Despite it’s title, this book doesn’t cover the great battles, powerful monarchs or mighty castles of British history. Instead it covers all the ‘cool’ bits of British culture; tea, James Bond and Nessie. It’s also got great information on mainstays of life and history in Britain, such as the ‘great’ schools such as Eton and Harrow, eccentric aristocrats and the Beatles.  This is not your average history book, but a fun read if you happen to be  interested in what makes Old Blighty so unique. There library also has two other books in this series, on China and on Australia.



The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

This book is an excellent reference for those interested in history. It covers human history from 4000 BCE to the present, and at almost 500 pages, you wouldn’t want to read it all at once! Instead, use it as a ‘jumping off’ point for when you’ve got a homework assignment on the Thirty Years War or The Boxer Rebellion. You’ll learn who, what, where, why and how…and then use these references to find more information! Despite being crammed full of facts, this book is hardly dry reading. There are plenty of interesting photographs and illustrations to go along with the text.




My cookbook of Cakes

Want to bake delicious cakes but too scared? This book is perfect. Its recipes are simple but delicious, and there are plenty of cakes to choose from. Whether you prefer rose petal cupcakes, a zesty orange drizzle cake or berry and vanilla cheesecake, you’ll find all your tastes catered for. And don’t worry, chocoholics, there’s plenty of recipes for you, too. Every step is illustrated with cool pictures, so this is a great book for beginner bakers.





Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu : character encyclopedia

Lego fan? Check out this cool new character encyclopedia about the heroes and villains of the Lego series Ninjago, which features four young ninjas training hard to defeat various monsters. It will tell you all about each character and the changes they go through as the series progresses. It also goes into great detail about the figures themselves; how they change from series to series, in both appearance and personality. This is a must read for any Ninjago or Lego Fan!




Five minute faces and Wild faces

If you’ve got a Christmas party coming up, and are looking for costume ideas, these books are a great resource. They’ll teach you all the basic skills of face painting, how to run a stall and how to create basic accessories to improve your costume.  The first book, Five Minute Faces, has a whole range of different faces; Miss Muppet, pirate, joker, skull and jester to name a few. The faces in the second book, Wild Faces, focuses more on animal faces and the make up’s more complex.  But if you want to win first place with your tiger costume, this is the book for you!




Make an animation

If you want to be the next Walt Disney, this is the book for you! It talks about the different types of animation, such as traditional hand-drawn animation to stop-motion animation made from ‘found’ objects. It will also show you how to make storyboards and shoot your own masterpieces.

New Non Fiction for October: Animals, History and… Dancing.

Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders: Greeks.

Tony Robinson is back with more from Weird World of Wonders. Why the ancient Greeks were mad about olive oil? Who Pythagoras was? Why Alexander the Great named a city after his horse, Bucephalus? ?How the Greeks invented the first computer, vending machine and death-ray? You will find out all the answers to these questions and more in this action packed read.  If you enjoyed Tony Robinson’s last book on Ancient Egypt and the British, then you will love this one on British history.




My First Sewing Book: 35 easy and fun projects for children aged 7 years old + 
Love sewing? Then this is the book for you.You will find in this book 35 projects that will help you learn how to sew. All the instructions and cute step-by-step artworks are easy to follow; plus, each project has a grade so that you can start with easy sewing and move onto using more advanced stitches as you get better at it.




Monkeys by Claire Thorp.
Where do monkeys live? Can Monkeys tell lies? What can you do to help the Monkeys?

Find out the answers and more in this new exciting read. You will find out all you need to know about monkeys, including information on primates’ physical features, social habits, mental capabilities, and lives in their wild habitats.





Giraffes by Sarah Albee.
Find out all you need to know about giraffes, including answers to the trickiest questions, such as  how a giraffe drinks from the ground?  This book is also filled with valuable information, stunning photographs and little known facts, like a giraffe has seven bones in their neck and they can jump over objects as high as six feet.





The Book of Dance by Lorrie Mack.
The world of dance is yours to explore! Read all you need to know about dance and its history in this great and exciting book! This book allows you to discover the excitement of dance with all its magical rhythm, steps, costumes, music and dancers. You will also gain information on various types of dance, like ballet and ballroom. Also learn about popular productions from classical favorites, (The Nutcracker), Broadway (Singin’ in the Rain), Bollywood and even fresh dance styles that were inspired from the streets and clubs (Disco and Break dancing) and famous dancers of all time like Michael Jackson.



The Lego Book by Daniel Lipkowitz.
For all you Lego fans out there, this is the book to read. You find all the information you need to know about the history of the LEGO products. This book also  discusses the origins of the company, and the evolution of bricks, figures, play themes, and related products and features a time line that records the introduction of the first plastic bricks to the LEGO products of 2012. In addition this book allows you to explore LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Toy story and much more.

New non-fiction to get you moving

Great kids non-fiction books with an ‘action’ theme.

 Free Running

Have you ever heard of free running? Free running is an awesome sport that is popular in many urban centres around the world, such as London, New York and Tokyo. This book talks about the short history of free running, why it has become so popular and how you can start free running! Unlike a lot of the other extreme sports, you don’t need any special equipment…just a good level of fitness and nerves of steel! This book is part of the ‘Adrenelin Rush’ series.





This is another book in the Adrenelin Rush series, for those who love nothing more than to hit the slopes! It talks about the history of snowboarding, its famous athletes, and how you can start snowboarding yourself. It’s also got some good basic information on the types of tricks you do, and how to buy and get the best out of your equipment. It also gives some great tips on how you can stay safe while looking cool.

For those who like to draw rather than do there’s a great book for you as well:



How to draw manga action figures

This is a great book for those who are just starting out drawing. It’s got great instructions on important topics like perspective, what drawing tools to use and action poses. After you’ve mastered those basics, this book will show you how to draw figures who are jumping, kicking, falling or in a defensive posture…all essential if you want to draw your own action-packed manga!

If machines are more your thing, take a look at:

Drawing Speed Machines

This is another great book for those who have just started to draw. The pictures are large and clear, and the instructions will teach you, step by step, to draw sports cars or stunt planes or any other vehicle you could want! It’s got some interesting information about the machines featured as well.



Avoid being a ninja warrior!

This book will tell you everything you need to know about the real Ninjas of Japan.  Follow a young Ninja through his training to the end of his first mission, and learn all about the training, discipline and skills that made the Ninjas so famous.






Why fight with a sword when you can fight with a ship? Or even better, a fleet? If you want to learn about the modern warship, this the book for you!  It talks about how warships are built, and has great cross sections showing you different parts of the ship.  There are some great illustrations showing the different types of warship, and there’s a few pages on the warship through history.





Fighter Planes 

Did you know that pilots earn the title “Ace” after five victories in the air? If that and other facts about Spitfires, Hurricanes and the modern fighterplanes such as F-22 Raptors interest you, get this book out! It’s got plenty of information about fighter planes from the early biplanes to the futuristic UCAVs.

New Non Fiction

Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Davidson

This is a nice simple biography on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. This is the book to read if you want information on the story of her life with phtographs that capture her childhood, as well as the grandeur and drama of her reign.








Olympics by Richard Platt, Illustarted by Manuela Cappon

A Fantastic book to read that retraces the history of the Olympics from the very beginning in Greece 776BCE to the present day in London 2012. Contains lotes of facts about athletes from ancient Greece, sporting triumphs, poliitcal protests and worl breaking records.








Look Closer Ocean by John Woodward, Illustarted by Gary Hanna


This book is a fantastic read that takes you on an extraordinary underwater adventure. Lots of amazing facts and information on colourful coral reef, great white sharks and much, much more.






For Boys Only by Marc Aronson.

Hey Boys! Are you ready for some serious fun? Then this is the book for you. You will find all the information you need from ancient wonders to extreme sports. From learning how to land an aeroplane in an emergency to finding buried treasure. You are sure to never grow bored from reading this book.







Where I live: Astonishing animals, Bizarre Behaviour by Karen McGhee

Ever wanted to know what kind of animals live permanently in the dark?, What are the advantages of living in a community?, Other than birds, which animals build elaborate nests? Then this is the book to read. Contains lots of incredible photographs and illustrations that capture the amazing range of animal shelters from a simple stack of twigs to extensive tunnel systems and sprawling nests.






Penguins by Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

Dive into the amazing life of penguins. This books has information about every kind of penguin up close and how they survive natural and man-made dangers in thier ice home.









Fox Tales : Four Fables from Aesop by Amy Lowry

Four wonderful fables from Aesop that have been woven together to make a single story in this beautifully illustarted picture book. 








Goldilocks on CCTV by John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura

If you a fan of fairy tales, then this is the book to read. This book has a collection of narrative poetry about your favorite fairy tale characters trying to live out their adventures in the mordern world. Stories include Sleeping Beauty trying to fetch a price on her nightdress, Rumplestiltskin finding his name sold to the paparazzi and a Giant finds his views have less impact in the days of Twitter. 




New Non Fiction

Here’s the newest non-fiction books in your library:


From Zero To Infinity (And Beyond): Cool Maths Stuff You Need to Know by Mike Goldsmith and Andrew Pinder

Having trouble with Maths? Then this is the book for you. It’s like the Horrible Histories of Maths.









I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus by Jack Prelutsky and Jackie Urbanovic

Lost of funny and werid poems that range from various titles like The Fish Are in the Treetops, I’m Ridding on a Snail and of course I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus.








Rhyme Stew by Roald Dahl 

In the mood for more funny and weird poems? Then Rhyme Stew is for you. Any book by Roald Dahl is always a delightful and entertaining read.








Following in Darwin’s Footsteps by Aileen O’Riordan and Pat Triggs

Intersting facts of the life of Charles Darwin.










All About New Zealand’s Garden Wildlife by Dave Gunson

Everything you need to know about New Zealand life ranging from birds, plants, insects and Mammals.







New Non Fiction – Zoom! The Invisible World of…

Introducing new books from the series: Zoom! The Invisible World of… that zooms in on the intriguing but invisible world of animals and plants, using macro-photography to reveal some weird and wonderful sights you will not have seen before.


Birds by  Camilla De la Bédoyère

Fantastic book to read if you want information and zoomed in pictures of your favourite birds. Esepcially seeing a picture of Hummingbird feathers up close. 







Plants by Camilla De la Bédoyère

A great book to read that zooms in on the intriguing but invisible world of plants. Great section on meat-eating plants.







Ocean Life by Camilla De la Bédoyère

Want to see pictures of your favourite sea creatures up close? Want facts and information? Then this is the book for you. You even get to see a picture of a krill zoomed in. 







Bugs by Camilla De la Bédoyère

Great book to read if you want to see pictures of bugs up close. Lots of intersting facts.

Great new reads for after school

Syndetics book coverParis : everything you ever wanted to know / Klay Lamprell
This book is fantastic fun. Check out cool stories about stuffed animals, caves filled with bones and the deadly guillotine. You’ll find junk collectors, musicians, snails, pampered pets, ghostly railway stations (remember Hugo Cabret!) and creepy stone gargoyles. This Lonely Planet book is your guide to an amazing city. Keep an eye out for other titles in this series that will be hitting the shelves soon.




Syndetics book coverDigging up the past : archaeology for the young and curious / David Veart.
Did you know that Māori used kuri, the native dog, as a four-legged fridge?!!! Learn about what archaeologists really do and uncover amazing facts about our past. Were warplanes hidden deep within Devonport’s North Head? Why was Chinatown in Cromwell, Central Otago, flooded? This book will have you thinking like an archaeologist in no time.





Syndetics book coverThe story of the Olympics : the whacky facts about the Olympics and Olympic champions down the centuries! / Richard Brassey.
Just as well the Olympics were initially held in hot countries, because for 1,000 years, the competitors didn’t wear any clothes! In this book you get the complete and extraordinary story of the Olympic Games from their beginnings in Ancient Greece right up to the London Olympics in 2012. Check out the funny stories of winners and losers from all over the world.




Syndetics book coverLittle treasures : endearments from around the world / words by Jacqueline K. Ogburn ; pictures by Chris Raschka.
Do you remember being called little cutie pie, or maybe sweet pea? These phrases are called endearments and this really cute book brings to you endearments from 14 countries!

In France children are called little cabbages and if you are loved and cute in Finland you could be called star eye or hug bunny. My favourite is from Brazil in the Portuguese language.

See if you can guess which one.

Syndetics book coverLego Star Wars character encyclopedia / written by Hannah Dolan … [et. al.].
If you are a Lego fan then this encyclopedia of more than 300 minifigures is a must read. All your favourite characters including Luke Skywalker, Admiral Ackbar and Shaak Ti.







Syndetics book coverTitanic sinks! / Barry Denenberg.
History comes alive in this gripping retelling of the Titanic’s doomed maiden voyage. Fact and fiction are combined to make you feel like you are reading the newspaper bulletins as they are printed back in 1912. Articles about the building of the ship, a chatty tour of its lavish interior, and an array of stunning period photographs help you believe that you are reading the journal of a chief correspondent.  He describes his peers’ onboard pastimes and shares some eerie premonitions (sure that his ship is unsinkable, the captain cancels a lifeboat drill) before delving into a harrowing minute-by-minute report on the ship’s sinking, which ends mid-word. The most chilling section collects actual survivors’ recollections of their experiences in the lifeboats. Truly a great read in this 100th year anniversary of the world’s most famous sinking.

New books in for the holidays.

Check out our great new range of non-fiction books to hit the shelves these holidays.

Syndetics book coverOne small island : the story of Macquarie Island / Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch.
A non-fiction picture book about the life and times of Macquarie Island, a sub-Antarctic Island and World Heritage Site. This book traces the history of the island and the story of  its precious ecosystem.  It’s a story of hope and renewal and includes a list of websites to check out for further information about the restoration of this amazing island.

Syndetics book coverAt the edge : daring acts in desperate times / Larry Verstraete.
Unbelievable but true stories of kids, men, and women who faced critical, life-threatening situations. Terrible choices had to be made by each of the people in this book. What would you choose? A great thriller of a book, but not if you’re a bit squeamish.

Syndetics book coverYou can draw anything / Kim Gamble.
If you can write numbers and letters, you can draw anything. Learn how to draw and how to give your pictures depth and form using perspective, light and shade. Step-by-step examples make it easy. Give it a a go and become an overnight artist.

Syndetics book coverA year in the life of Bindi / [Bindi Irwin, Jess Black]
What a year! Follow Bindi as she celebrates her birthday, travels the globe, visits the outback, chats with Oprah and continues her great work with animals and wildlife conservation at Australia Zoo.

Syndetics book cover
Monster trucks on the move / Kristin L. Nelson.

“It races through mud. It glides through the air. This monster truck is on the move! What makes monster trucks different from other trucks? And what kinds of cool tricks can these trucks do?”  (Book cover) Learn all about mighty machines in this VROOM-VROOM series for younger readers. Also available are: Big Rigs on the Move, Earthmovers on the move, Fire Trucks on the Move, Formula One Race Cars on the Move, Pickup Trucks on the Move, Trains on the Move, Helicopters on the Move, Ambulances on the Move, Motorcycles on the Move and Dump Trucks on the Move.

Syndetics book coverTreasury of Greek mythology : classic stories of gods, goddesses, heroes & monsters / by Donna Jo Napoli ; illustrations by Christina Balit.
Napoli brings new life to the familiar stories of Greek mythology . Read these classic stories of Gods, Goddesses, heroes and monsters.

Syndetics book coverJust a second / Steve Jenkins.
There’s more to time than the tick of a clock. Did you know that in one second a human can blink seven times, a humpback’s whale song travels 1,550 metres through the water and 1,500 chickens are killed. Find out more interesting time facts and read the timeline of time and timekeeping.

Syndetics book coverTotally Cody Simpson / Alana Wulff.
Cody was spotted on You Tube and signed to a major record label within the same year. But you knew that didn’t you. If you don’t know all there is to know about this teen star then check out this new Biography to our collection.

Syndetics book coverSticky ends / Jeanne Willis ; [illustrated by] Tony Ross.
Here are twenty six cautionary verses with sticky ends. You will find some wonderful poems in this hilarious collection to read or learn off by heart to perform for your classmates or family. Well worth poking your nose into this book.

Syndetics book coverGreat scientists / written by Jacqueline Fortey.
“This title in the familiar, slightly revamped Eyewitness series introduces the work of pioneering scientists, beginning with Aristotle and ending with Stephen Hawking. Each two-page spread features  a different scientist. Wonderful book for older readers that reinforces how far we have come in understanding our world. Comes complete with clip art CD.


Syndetics book coverHow to– ballet : a step-by-step guide to the secrets of ballet / written by Jane Hackett.
Learn how to look the part, how to prepare for a performance, and how to wow the audience with a range of moves from lively leaps to elegant arabesques.

Mysteries, the Unseen and Surprises

This month we have new books to surprise, sicken and wow you

Syndetics book coverPlagues, pox, and pestilence / written by Richard Platt ; illustrated by John Kelly.

This book comes with a warning; It is Infectious! Find out heaps about the planet’s nastiest diseases and their cures, real and whacky. One cure for small pox that I hadn’t heard of, was to bath in a soup of rice wine, beans and salt. It didn’t work for the Japanese but that didn’t stop them from believing it. Alternatively  you could try the popular treatment of having everything the colour red. That didn’t work either mind you. A great read, full of dirty flies and rats though so put on your gloves and mask and read all about it.

Syndetics book coverMystery math : a first book of algebra / by David A. Adler ; illustrated by Edward Miller.
Mandy and Billy visit a mysterious haunted house, where caretaker Igor (and the household cats, bats, and skeletons) demonstrate how to solve equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Maths was never as much fun in my day. This is great and so easy to understand. You’ll be algebra whizzes before the day breaks.

Syndetics book coverYou just can’t help it! : your guide to the wild and wacky world of human behavior / by Jeff Szpirglas ; [Josh Holinaty, illustrator].
Do you know why you can’t tickle yourself? How about looking in the mirror and pulling your best scared face. What do you think you would see? This book is crammed full of crazy but true weird stuf about the human body. Go ahead and check it out. You know you want to.

Syndetics book coverThe little refugee / Anh Do and Suzanne Do ; illustrated by Bruce Whatley.

This incredible story is a retelling of Anh Do’s amazing story The Happiest Refugee. Born in Vietnam he and his family escaped the war in their country and ended up in Australia. He grew up to become one of Australia’s best-loved comedians and this book was voted the 2011 Australian Book of the Year. This is a must read.
Syndetics book cover50 amazing things kids need to know about mathematics / Anne Rooney.

Find out how to flatten a planet, bend a building, make a ghost, become a millionaire and much, much more! And to think this is all maths! My favourite page is How to slide down a skyscraper. If you are  7 -11years old then check this out and find out your favourite whacky maths thing.
Syndetics book coverSurrealism for kids / Queensland Art Gallery.

Are you aged 4 years or older and enjoy art? Then this book is for you. The surrealists loved inventing and playing games with words and pictures. The Queensland Art Gallery Children’s Art Centre has chosen some of the  surrealist artists most popular games and activities for you to try out at home and they are really fun. This is a great book.
Syndetics book coverRobots, chips and techno stuff / by Glenn Murphy ; illustrated by Mike Phillips.

This book is a whirlwind tour of modern technology with none of the boring bits. Learn how a submarine sinks and see the smallest walking, talking robot. This book is packed full of techno facts and fun.

Syndetics book coverGreen glass beads : a collection of poems for girls / [edited by] Jacqueline Wilson.

Jacqueline Wilson loves every single poem in this book. I love the ones titled: Daddy Fell Into The Pond and It is a Puzzle. I wonder what your favourite will be.

Syndetics book coverHow to make a universe with 92 ingredients : an electrifying guide to the elements / Adrian Dingle.

Did you know that you are made from the same 92 ingredients that make up the entire universe? How mind-blowing is this! Fireworks, fast food and comets. All made from the same elements as you. Check this out and find out what happens when these 92 get together. Fantastic book for those interested in science and also for those who need to know but struggle to put it all together. Easy and fun photographs and explanations make science fun.

Syndetics book coverLet’s celebrate! : festival poems from around the world / edited by Debjani Chatterjee & Brian D’Arcy ; illustrated by Shirin Adl.

Here are poems celebrating 24 fantastic festivals from around the world by poets from across the globe. Look out for the Ice Festival and go wild at Tomatina! (Book cover)

Syndetics book coverA zeal of zebras : an alphabet of collective nouns / by Woop Studios.
This is more than merely an ABC book. Produced by the graphic designers of the Harry Potter franchise, this book of collective nouns contains information and amazing graphics.Each letter of the alphabet is done in a 1950’s poster style.  I had no idea that the correct terms for a goup of pandas was An Embarrassment of Pandas. Or how about A Venom of spiders or An Ostentation of Peacocks? Check it out and see how many collective nouns are new to you too.

Devour these new books and become ultimate quiz meisters

If you want to know answers to more WHAT, WHERE, WHY, then this selection of new non fiction books will keep you happy for hoursSyndetics book cover

Who has what? : all about girls’ bodies and boys’ bodies / Robie H. Harris ; illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.
Syndetics book coverWhat? Where? Why?
Syndetics book coverThe Kingfisher animal encyclopedia / written by David Burnie.

Syndetics book coverHuman body / Miranda Smith.

Syndetics book coverWhy are you so sad? : a child’s book about parental depression / written by Beth Andrews ; illustrated by Nicole Wong.

Syndetics book coverFrom armpits to zits : the book of yucky body bits / written by Paul Mason ; illustrated by Mike Gordon.

Syndetics book coverBig wig : a little history of hair / by Kathleen Krull ; illustrated by Peter Malone.