Dragons, Santa’s pants and killer koalas!!

Need something to read when school’s finished for the year? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some new books at the library – from the latest Astrosaurs book, to the Dragonology Chronicles and extremely disgusting Andy Griffiths stories!!

Syndetics book coverThe forest of evil, by Steve Cole
Number 19 in the exciting Astrosaurs series!
“Noxia-4 is a farm-planet; a world of plants that feeds billions of hungry dinos. But when the harvest fails and the farmers are attacked, Teggs and the team investigate – and soon learn that the Noxia-4’s dark forests are home to a strange and deadly evil that could destroy them all…” (From the back cover)


Syndetics book coverWhere are Santa’s pants? By Richard Merritt.
Oh dear – it must be Christmas! Santa’s lost his pants and desperately needs them back so he can get started delivering presents! Help him find them on every page of this book! A fun puzzle book, sort of like Where’s Wally, but Christmassy.


Syndetics book coverThe dragon diary, by Dugald A. Steer
Another book in the Dragonology Chronicles. Are you reading these yet? You’ll enjoy them!
“Fresh from recovering the Dragon’s Eye, apprentice dragonologists Daniel and Beatrice Cook eagerly await the hatching of the dragon’s egg in their care. But just as the shell begins to crack, their mentor, Dr. Ernest Drake, is called off to India to look for their missing parents and tend to the gravely ill naga dragons they’ve left behind. Meanwhile, the siblings receive a tip that the secret to curing dragons may lie in an age-old Dragon Diary, if only they could decipher it!” (We found this review on Amazon.com)


Syndetics book coverKiller koalas from outer space, by Andy Griffiths ; illustrations by Terry Denton.
And we saved the best for last!! Do we even need to tell you how awesome Andy Griffiths is? (*Grin*)
“This is a very silly book filled with very bad things. There are bad ideas like eating dead flies, and silly people like the boy who unscrews his head and loses it forever. Then there are very bad things like bloodsucking grannies, rocket-stealing ants and, of course, killer koalas from outer space that come to earth and rip off your face. A collection of stories from The Bad Book and The Very Bad Book that will make your brain EXPLODE!” (We found this review on the Publisher’s website)


May the folds be with you!

I have just gotten my hands on a very interesting book entitled The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger. If you liked Captain Underpants and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, then you might like to  check this book out.

The story centres on a finger puppet that was created by Dwight, a not so popular kid in school. The finger puppet was named Origami Yoda and eerily gives out wise and helpful advice, much like its namesake Yoda in the movie Star Wars, to the students of his school.

Tommy decides to question Yoda’s authenticity, and gets the help of his classmates in assembling proof, by way of a case file and interviews ,that would try to solve the mystery of Yoda’s credibility. Along with Harvey, the book’s antagonist, Tommy embarks on his project before he asks Origami Yoda the most important question of all- “Should he ask a particular girl to the dance?”

You might also like to try out doing your own Origami Yoda from the instructions at the back of the book. Happy folding!

A Super Dose of Where’s Wally

Are you a Where’s Wally fan? How does a super mega dose of Where’s Wally sound to you? Well if this has gotten you interested, why don’t you check out the book Where’s Wally?: The Totally Essential Travel Collection and get searching for Wally. Travel with Wally but don’t lose him! You’ll have endless fun with this book because it is a compilation of seven fantastic journeys. So get your eyes working and start searching!