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Best of 2009


Kids’ Choice is a cool programme where you get to tell us books you’ve read that you think are particularly fantastic. Each month five books are selected as Kids’ Choice based on reviews and recommendations submitted by keen readers. Your review is also read out and put up as a podcast on the website.


Kids’ Choice Best Book of 2009 vote off is here! at a library near you! Tell us which was the most amazing book you read this year – the books with the most votes will make it onto our top books to read list. You also go in the draw to win a book!


If you’ve read a really good book recently you could tell us what you thought of it by filling in a review form as well.

How to look after your dinosaur!

DinosaurDogs are delightful. Cats are cute. And fish are fun. But the best pet of all is…..a DINOSAUR! Buying, training & caring for your dinosaur by Laura Joy Rennert has all the tips. Hmm, what kind of dino should you choose? Spiky, armoured, humongous, pea-brained, plant-eating? How do you take care of him once he’s (gulp!) home? How do you feed him, exercise him, take him to the vet, and give him a bath?! Not to mention train him, since he might like to chew on – er, swallow – Mum’s new shoes.