Best of 2009 Spot Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Kate who won the spot prize in our Best of 2009 voting competition. The best book that Kate read in 2009 was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. We agree that this is a most excellent read!


So, what were Wellington’s best books of 2009? We’re just counting all the votes (there were hundreds) and we’ll have some lists for you very soon. Keep reading this blog to find out. In the mean time I can tell you that Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books were very popular (surprise!), but there were also votes for some other interesting books like The Twits and The Perfect Hamburger.

New Chapter Books for December!

Here are some books you might like to read these summer holidays!


I am a genius of unspeakable evil and I want to be your class president by Josh Lieb is not only a book with a very very cool title, it is also very funny, according to one librarian. A great book for intermediate age kids who like a laugh and a good book. Oliver Watson doesn’t look like much, just your average chubby geek, but he’s actually a supergenius with a plot to take over the world, basically, starting with being elected as class president.


Also new this month: Dreadnought, the new H.I.V.E. book by Mark Walden; Z-Rex by Steve Cole, the first book in a new series that is action packed, gripping and contains a 21st century prehistoric monster (the title of the book should give you a clue); and The Time Quake, the final book in the Gideon trilogy by Linda Buckley-Archer.


For more great new books visit the My Library Children’s Fiction page.

Kids’ Choice: Fantastic Books

Best of 2009


Kids’ Choice is a cool programme where kids get to select books they’ve read that they think are particularly fantastic. Each month five books are selected as Kids’ Choice based on reviews and recommendations submitted by keen readers.


Look out for the Kids’ Choice Best Book of 2009 vote off, coming soon to a library near you! You’ll get to tell us which was the most amazing book you read this year – the books with the most votes will make it onto our top books to read list.


If you’ve read a really good book recently you could tell us what you thought of it by filling in a review form too.

Some new DVDs in the library

Are you a fan of the Inkheart books by Cornelia Funke? Did you see it at the movies? Well, you might be interested to know that the library has now got Inkheart on DVD. You can reserve it now!


Other new DVDs include Me, Eloise, based on the Eloise books by Kay Thompson; The Big Aquarium, a documentary about an aquarium in America; and the complete Jane and the Dragon collection.


For more new DVDs and CDs visit the My Library Children’s Sound and Vision page.

New fiction for November!


This month we’ve got some new series books. There’s the new 39 Clues book, The Black Circle, the new Charlie Bone (Charlie Bone and the Red Knight), and the next instalment in the Rondo series by Emily Rodda (The Battle for Rondo).


There are other interesting new books too, from monstrous saltwater crocodiles to werewolf warriors and a Viking adventure. Visit the My Library Children’s Fiction page for more descriptions!

New Chronicles of Ancient Darkness book!

Ghost Hunter Book CoverHi! If you love the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver then you might already know that the sixth book in the series is now available for borrowing. It’s called Ghost Hunter (reserve it now!).


This is what says happens:

“As winter approaches and Souls’ Night draws near, the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in the grip of terror. To fulfill his destiny, Torak must seek his lair in the Mountain of Ghosts. He must defy demons and tokoroths, and find his way through the Gorge of the Hidden People. Wolf must overcome terrible grief. Renn must make an agonizing decision. And in the final battle against the Soul-Eater, Torak must face the most heart-rending choice of all.”

Interesting new non-fiction books!

This month we’ve got some interesting new books in the non-fiction collection. Want to know more about Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the British parliament? Have a look at Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. If you’re interested in Ancient Egypt then you must check out The Ancient Egyptians: dress, eat, write and play just like the Egyptians – there’s lots of facts plus some projects and things to make. Also new: Stuff that Scares Your Pants Off!, great if you like scary facts, and a biography of Barack Obama, for your school projects.


For more new non-fiction visit the My Library Children’s Non-Fiction page each month!

Cool new fiction in the library

There’s some cool new stuff that’s recently arrived at the library. There’s the second Softwire adventure by P.J. Haarsma, called Betrayal on Orbis 2, which looks action packed. 100% Hero is the follow up to the really popular 100% Wolf, which was a Kids’ Choice selection. Freddy’s dad has been caught and put into a zoo, people are snooping around the castle, then Freddy has to go to camp.


Also new is Hannah’s Secret, part of the Beautiful Game series by Narinder Dhami (about football). Find out what else is new on the My Library Children’s Fiction page.

New Non-Fiction Books for July!

We’ve got some interesting new books in the library. If you’re interested in the environment then you might like to check out Why Should I Switch off the Light? and also Clothes and Toys, which talks about the problem of how to recycle clothes and toys when you’re too big for them. There’s also a cool magic tricks book (The great big book of magic tricks), and some books about famous people: Handel (a famous composer), Florence Nightingale (the most famous nurse) and Frida Kahlo (an artist). For all these and more visit the My Library Children’s Non-fiction Page. Visit all the My Library pages here!