Help! I have homework!

Don’t panic! The library is a good place for homework stuff. We can even help you from the comfort of your own home.


1) Any Questions? If you’re stuck at home and you want librarian help then AnyQuestions is the place for you! Get some great advice on how to find the answers to your homework questions. Also, if a librarian isn’t available there’s ManyAnswers, a database of , well, many answers from how to make candyfloss to what is global warming (and are the two connected??)?


2) Kids Cat. The Wellington City Libraries Kids’ Catalogue has a whole heap of subjects you can browse. Just hit the “Explore” button for topics like Languages, Geography, Human Body and much more.


3) MyGateway. The library has several ENORMOUS online databases that you can access to help you with your assignments and things. Go to our students page for general encyclopedias and tools. One really cool database we have is the Times Digital Archive. Here you can see actual Times newspapers from 19th Century Britain. For example (because librarians are such ghoulish people) I found an article from 1891 about Jack the Ripper. Once you’ve found a cool article that you want to use for your project you can print it out and it looks like an old-fashioned newspaper. Articles go back as far as 1785! You need to enter your library card number and last name to use these.


4) Homework and study hints. Our Homework Help page has tips on how to make your schoolwork easier.

What else is new in kids’ fiction at the library?

Gordon Korman, who wrote Schooled among other things, has written a book called Zoobreak, about kids who decide to rescue zoo animals, breaking them out of one (bad) zoo and into another (better) one. Sounds like a nearly impossible task.


If you’ve been reading the Book of Time books by Guillaume Prevost you will be pleased to hear that you can now read the next story in the series, The Circle of Gold. Sam must go back in time to see his mother, but he’s not good at getting the time right, which sees him travelling to Ancient China, and also forward in time to 2025 (where he makes an alarming discovery).


Flight of the Phoenix by R.L. LaFevers is the first book in a new series called Nathaniel Fludd, beastologist. Sent to live with a distant relative who is a beastologist (a person who studies beasts, I suppose), Nathaniel must travel to Arabia to protect the last known hatching phoenix egg. Then his cousin goes missing, and Nathaniel must rescue him, and save the egg… a tall order!


See other new children’s fiction recent picks in My Library.

Spotlight on a library book club: BookSeekers

If you’re aged between 9 and 12 and you like talking about books with other people and having a bit of fun then BookSeekers is the thing for you.


BookSeekers clubs meet every month, talk about books, get the first word on hot new stuff to read, do activities and other book-related things.


It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s all about books. You can find out more about BookSeekers (when the meetings are, how to join) by checking out this information page, or you can ask about it the next time you go to the library.


See you soon!

New Non-Fiction for February!

Want to learn more about stuff? This month in the library we’ve got books about time and how people have measured it in history (The Time Book), words and the English language (The word snoop), the best way to make people laugh (Funny business), some more disgusting facts and trivia (Why does ear wax taste so gross?), and how does the internet work anyway (How did that get to my house? Internet)?


For more new non-fiction arrivals have a look at the My Library Children’s Non-Fiction page.

Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files

If you’re a Percy Jackson fan and you’re really excited about the movie coming out (tomorrow!) you might already know about The Demigod Files, the new book that tells you all about Percy Jackson, including short stories, interviews with the characters, puzzles and lots of facts that help you understand the background better (info about the Greek gods). Reserve it now. Also, tell us what you think of the movie if you go and see it!

Now you can read your reviews on the kids’ blog!



We really like getting book reviews from you, and now you’ll notice that they’re getting published right here on the kids’ blog! To see all the reviews written by you guys you can just select the Kids’ Reviews category. If you’re wanting to read older reviews you can go to the Kids Reviews page – it’s got links to reviews, plus some ideas for things to read and more.


Want to tell us what you think of a book you’ve just read? You can fill in the review form.

Best of 2009: The Results!

In December we asked you to vote for your favourite book of the year, and we got hundreds of votes! Now we can tell you what your favourite books of 2009 were. We’ve divided them up into the 25 Best for Younger Kids and 25 Best for Older Kids – you can see the lists here.

So, what was the most popular for older kids? Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga books, of course. Younger kids are crazy about Zac Power, by H I Larry.

Do you agree with our findings? What were your favourites?

Make your own pop ups!



Have you ever wondered about how they make the cool pop up books with animals and pirate ships and pyramids and things like that? Well, this website teaches you how to make your own pop up animals, castles, angels… there are heaps to try, some of them look super challenging but I think I could give the rabbit a go.