Flicks @ Six at Tawa Library

Come along to our free movie event on Thursday 18th April at Tawa Library. This month we have a choice of two times and two movies. You can choose either  4pm or 6pm.

At 4pm we see a strange and unusual creature who is very concerned about the destruction of his very special trees and the effect that this is having on all the animals that make their home among them.

At 6pm Pitch Black threatens to take over the word with his terrible team of Nightmares, who will step forward to protect the world and all the children in it?

Well, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and some others join together to guard the children who believe in them. But then a new mischievous figure is named as the next protector, and the rest of the team aren’t sure if he’ll be up to the job. Can this new guardian save the world from Pitch Black?

These films are rated PG

You can call the library or talk to a librarian to find out what is playing each month.

Bring your own cushion for a comfy night in. Movies will play in the Children’s section of the library