Don’t forget Father’s Day!

Father’s Day, a special day for celebrating our Dad’s, is coming up on September 4. In New Zealand, we observe Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September each year, although many other countries celebrate the occasion in either March or June.

Father’s Day allows us to recognise the important role father’s play and appreciate everything they do for us. A father doesn’t have to be biological either, it might be your step-dad, foster dad, uncle or friend that you want to celebrate.


Father’s Day dates back all the way to the middle ages (that’s over 600 years ago!), when people of the Catholic faith honoured fatherhood with a celebration on March 19th, the feast day of Saint Joseph. Father’s Day didn’t arrive in New Zealand until the early 20th century (about 100 years ago), when we adopted the tradition from the United States of America.



There are lots of ways families celebrate Father’s Day around the country, but giving gifts, enjoying a special meal together and letting dad put his feet up are a few popular traditions.

Have a think about the things your dad likes and get creative to make it a truly special day just for him. Does your dad enjoy the outdoors? You could take him fishing or go for a bush walk. Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Why not treat him to some homemade goodies. Is your dad a handyman? Create something crafty to show your love. Otherwise you might just like to spend time together!


Check out the library catalogue for loads of craft, cooking and activity ideas, or head over to the Kiwi Families website for more inspiration.