Go wild with the Jungle Book these school holidays

Written by Rudyard Kipling in 1894 (that’s 122 years ago), The Jungle book is a much loved and much read classic story of adventure and survival.

The original book was made up of a collection of stories that had first been published in magazines. The tales in the book are fables, using animals to give moral lessons, a bit like Aesop’s Fables. The most famous of The Jungle Book stories are about the adventures of Mowgli, an abandoned “man cub” who is raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. These stories were influenced by Rudyard Kipling’s childhood spent in India and learning the ways of the local jungle.

The adventures of Mowgli have been recreated as stand-alone books and movies in the past and these days, when people think of The Jungle Book, they usually think of Mowgli’s adventures. Probably the most well-known was the Disney movie made in 1967. Even though the movie plot isn’t much like the original stories at all, it’s still a great one to watch.

But here’s the great news! Disney has been busy making a new version of The Jungle Book, and it’s due to be released in movie theatres on April 21st – right in the middle of the upcoming School Holidays.

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy!