Warning: Not a book for scaredy kids!

Thomas is an ordinary 12 year old boy whose life is very boring until one day he receives an urgent call from his grandmother (who he has never met) to come to an isolated castle and take up the leadership of the Seapeople. At the castle Tom meets his grandmother, a girl called Mari and some surprising sea creatures who have an urgent request. The rats of Droolmoan Cave have escaped and it is up to Tom to defeat them and their horrible queen.




Tom gets a call to help save a village in a far off land, Moratador, from the pillaging of a great terrifying beast, the Granioptrix, controlled by a marauding thug, Ghastmangle. Tom has a dangerous trip by boat, just escapes drowning, as the boat is tossed over rocks, and then travels by Albatross to meet his grandmother and begin the battle of his life. On the last stage to the village, they have to defeat the killer ice bats of Groanlee Pass. Then the huge Granioptrix. One slash of those razor claws and he’s dead. Tom is assisted by two polar bears, some eagles and the young girl archer from the village, Lydia