New Non Fiction: Pets, Animals and Farmyard Friends.

Amazing Giant Wild Animals.

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Then read this amazing book and get ready for a thrilling adventure into the wild and meet some of the tallest, widest, longest creatures that roam the Earth! This book has fold-out pages that open to reveal the most amazing wild animals ever, the illustrations are stunning that bring animals to life and has fun and colorful pages packed with bite-size facts and figures. Kids get facts and fun all in one book!



Shimmer and Splash: The sparkling world of sea life.

Get ready to shimmer and splash with this new book on sea life. Looking for information on sea creatures and marine wildlife? Acclaimed naturalist Jim Arnosky will bring out your inner explorer with Shimmer and Splash, as he explains why a puffer swells up like a balloon, how sharks locate prey in the darkness, and why some fish like to swim in the shadow of a manatee. This book is great to read alongside Amazing Giant Wild Animals, which contains giant fold out pages to see nearly 200 sea creatures from a tiny fiddler crab to an enormous killer whale. An absolute must read!



Farmyard Friends.

Ready to make some farmyard friends? Check out this amazing new book which will tell you all you need to know about the daily life of farmyard animals. You will also learn some amazing facts like foals are born with no teeth and their teeth begin to grow when they are four weeks old.

Looking after Guinea Pigs.

New from the Usborne Pet Guides series is how to care for guinea pigs. The ideal pet guide for guinea pig owners or those dreaming about acquiring a new pet that Covers everything from choosing a guinea pig and helping it settle in, to grooming, playing and going to the vet. Thoroughly checked by experts, this book also includes internet links to specially selected websites where you can find out more about guinea pigs, including fun things to make for them and video clips of how to care for them.

FACT: Guinea pigs feel safer in a group than on their own.

Also check out Looking after Cats and KittensLooking after Dogs and Puppies and Looking after Rabbits  from the Usborne Pet Guides series.


Rats and Mice.

This is an ideal book offers a comprehensive look and information of how to care for pet mice and rats. This book also explores and compares the behaviour of rats and mice to that of their cousins in the wild. Complete with clear colour photography and an appealing visual layout, this book can be very appealing to young readers.




 If you were a Cat and If you were a dog.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat or a dog? How would you think? How would you sense the world around you? How would you communicate? Well, here’s your chance to read books that offer fascinating insights into the different ways that cats and dogs experience the world. Also great books to read if you are interested in finding out  information on cat/dog psychology, breeds and diet.







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