The Basics of an AquaBrowser Library Search

Performing a search in AquaBrowser Library is easy. Simply type one or more search terms (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the search box and press the Enter key or click on the Search button.

AquaBrowser then instantly produces the results: in the center is a list of the most relevant findings; on the left is a word cluster of related findings; and on the right is a comprehensive menu of choices that allows you to point the search in specific directions.

Search Terms

Choosing the right search term is the key to finding the information you are looking for. Starting with the obvious is the best way to finding the information you need. Using multiple terms will specify the search. If you can't think of the right words, the word cloud can help you.

For example, to search for information on repairing your car of a certain make, use

You can specify targeted searched, using 'keywords', 'author', or 'title':

Word Cloud

An issue many library users have when they are using the catalog search is that they simply cannot think of the best search term. AquaBrowser Library offers suggestions in the word cloud on the left of the screen to help when you need help finding the best search term.

In this word cloud you will find:

Refine Menu

AquaBrowser offers a nearly-endless array of categories within over 30 dimensions that allow you to refine your search results to get exactly what you want. After you have searched your terms, use the menu to pick the exact format, author, subject, language, series, etc. Note that next to each category shown is a number - this denotes the exact number of items available, so you are never clicking down a dead-end path.

Automatic 'AND' searches

By default, AquaBrowser Library will search for only items that include all of your search terms. There is no need to include 'AND' between terms. You can also use 'OR' between terms to indicate that results can have any of the mentioned terms.

For example, to find results both on jaguars and on cheetahs, enter


AquaBrowser Library searches are NOT case sensitive. Everything you type into the search box will be regarded the same.

Example: and
will return the same results.

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