Race Relations Day – March 21st


Did you know that Race Relations Day is on March 21st? Well now you do!

Race Relations Day is a worldwide celebration of different cultures and ethnicities. Have a think about how many people from different countries are in your class or school – we are lucky to have many people from different countries living in New Zealand.

Everyone that lives in NZ has an interesting story to tell about how their family got here, and we want to hear it. You may be Tangata Whenua, a recent migrant or from a family that came to NZ a long time ago.

Send us an email with your story. We’d like to hear about how your family arrived in New Zealand, no matter how long ago it was, or write about your whakapapa. You can write as much or as little as you want and your story could end up published on our website (which means you would get a cool special badge from the Human Rights Commission).

Did you know we also have bilingual books in the library? These are picture books that are in English and another language, and are perfect for learning a new language or just to see how different languages look or sound. The stories are really good too! Ask the friendly librarian at your nearest wellington library to show them where they are, or look them up on our Easyfind catalogue using the words ‘juvenile bilingual’