The Star of Kazan

The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson

I listened to this on CD and, as with most of the stories I listen to, I really enjoyed it. Enjoying a story on CD often depends on the reader and Patricia Connolly reads this well.

The Star of Kazan is the story of a baby girl found abandoned in a church outside Vienna. Her rescuers are a cook and a house maid and they take her to live with them and the family of three professors where they work.

Annika learns to cook and clean alongside her ‘mothers’ and on her ‘found day’ the professors take them all out for a treat. When she is 12 they take her to see the famous Lippizana stallions at the show they put on for the Emperor.

Annika is always dreaming of the day when her ‘real’ mother will knock on the professors’ door and want her back. And then one day, just that happens, but all is not as she thought it would be, and an adventure soon starts.