Karori BookSeekers

We had a great little group this month and like our BookBuster buddies we looked at zines. These are little paper booklets usually written in computer-printed or handwritten text that have been photocopied and stapled together.  They can be about any subject that interests you!


We started to make some of our own and there were some great ideas, like poems, stories and cartoons. We’re looking forward to working on these some more at our next meeting.  Here’s a handy link with lots of tips and ideas: Zine-Making for Kids so you can give it a go too.


We also reviewed the graphic novels that we took home last month and had fun reading. This is not a genre that many of us read and we were surprised at what we found. There are lots more out there than just the Superman or Spiderman comics. Click on the book covers to see  some of the ones we enjoyed.