For Naughty Kids

Here it is – The Naughty Kid’s Book of Nature.

Nice kids like to learn all about how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly or a tadpole into a frog but naughty kids want to know about squashed hedgehogs, dead pukeko, blood, guts and maggots and let’s not forget the rats.

So come on a journey through New Zealand from the north to the south taking a look at all the animals along the way. Start asking all those questions you have wanted to ask. What’s special about them, why are they the way they are and how long have they been here?

At the end of each section there are a set of question so you can test yourself on how much you learnt or you can just use the  keywords to search for more books in the library or on the internet and find out more information about each animal.

With chapter titles such as Road Kill, Stuffed Ones and Living Dead you can see how exciting, smelly, amazing, revolting and wonderful the world of nature can be.