New book review

The Hidden Boy

By Jon Berkeley

Bea Flint, her little brother Theo, her parents, granny Delphine, her best friend Phoebe and Gabby (who needs to be wound up at the back every day), have gone by magic bus to Bell Hoot. The brochure said “Strictly groups of seven. No pets”. So when Theo disappears from the bus on the way through, Bea thinks it is because he tried to smuggle his meerkat, Nails, onto the bus but she and Phoebe discover that another person, Arkadi, had been hiding on the bus and that he was the person who taught others on the island how to use Mumbo Jumbo.  Bea finds that she can hum like the bees and make them do things for her but she still can’t find Theo, and is he the Hidden Boy that the nasty Ledbetter clan want to claim as theirs?An exciting adventure story.