Australian in the Asian Century: a white paper

This indepth Australian white paper provides very interesting reading. Since Australia is our nearest neighbour and our biggest trading partner, it will provide much food for thought. The paper can be downloaded as separate chapters, if wished. Chapters 2 and 7 may provide most interest. Chapter 2 looks at the future of Asia to 2025 and Chapter 7 at “Operating in and connecting to growing Asian markets”.

Sustaining Vietnam’s growth: the productivity challenge

From the McKinsey Global Institute  comes this February 2012 report “Sustaining Vietnam’s growth: the productivity challenge“.  In the preface the authors note that although Vietnam has made significant progress with its economy since the 1980s “today the economy faces complex challenges that require a transition to a productivity-driven growth trajectory”.

The report outlines the reasons for Vietnam’s success to date , and the challenges it now faces.  The report also outlines a four-point agenda for sustaining growth and its implications for companies.  A comprehensive bibliography is included.

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