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Syndetics book coverGet big fast and do more good : start your business, make it huge, and change the world / Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish.“A conversation with the masterminds behind Yes To Carrot…Yes To Carrots has grown to unimaginable success, all while creating a thoughtful and environmentally friendly product and company. Meet Leffler and Lance Kalish, two entrepreneurs from Australia with completely different paths and skills. The book is structured in a conversation/interview fashion, essentially welcoming the reader into the conversation. Leffler and Kalish share their experiences & advice as students, family members, and as entrepreneurs. If you’re a young lad (18-30) considering entrepreneurship or someone who is looking for a new opportunity after decades of working, “Get Big Fast and Do More Good” is a good starting point. Recommended.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverKiller presentations with your iPad: how to engage your audience and win more business with the world’s greatest gadget / Ray Anthony and Bob LeVitus with Barbara Boyd ; foreword by Guy Kawasaki.
“Timely and Cutting Edge….This is an extraordinary book–critical at this time–for all types of presenters, whether business or technical. It is especially valuable for salespeople who want a persuasive edge to stand out from their competition. Whether you are a beginner presenter and newbie to an iPad or a seasoned, successful speaker who has worked the iPad for a while, this book fits the bill. If you want your presentation to be something special and powerful, then the ideas, tips and examples will give you what you need to create it. Ray Anthony’s books are well-written, right on and inspiring from beginning to end. Get this book and get ready to go to a new level of success!” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverNo excuses : how you can turn any workplace into a great one / Jennifer Robin, Michael Burchell.
“The business leader’s guide to creating a great workplace from the Great Place to Work(r) Institute. In this follow-up guide to The Great Workplace, experts from Great Place to Work(r) Institute, Inc. reveal the most common excuses managers use for why they can’t create a great workplace. Authors Jennifer Robin and Michael Burchell poke holes in every single excuse. Whether the reasons involve the organization’s leadership, employees, environment, or any other factor, the authors explain that if managers lead people properly, they can create a great workplace. The authors explore how managers can interrupt their own negative thought patterns and instead create lasting change, and they describe how great workplaces have surmounted very real difficulties with aplomb. Includes case studies, stories, tips, and tools for managers who want to transform their organizations From the experts at the Great Place to Work(r), a global research, consulting, and training firm that operates in nearly 50 countries Proves that any and every organization can change for the better when managers have the right tools and mindset Creating a place where people want to work and want to succeed is the primary key to success for every manager. No Excuses shows that managers in any organization can transform their workplace–if they’ll only get out of their own way first”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverCreative followership : in the shadow of greatness / by James L.S. Collins with Michael R. Cooley.“Great Advice For Advancing Your Career…This Book seems so obvious and inherent, but it actually breaks new ground. James Collins furthers a concept that most certainly is NOT in vogue….”Followership”. The very word “Follow” has a bad rep, but there can be NO Leaders or business success unless there are those who know how to effectively FOLLOW (i.e. support, challenge & execute the Plans of) the Leader. Those folks are the first to be nurtured & promoted, and they ultimately become tomorrow’s Leaders and enjoy the success that comes from that. This Book explains the steps involved in effective “Followership”. I’m buying copies of this Book for my entire staff. ” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverNew business networking : how to effectively grow your business network using on-line and offline methods / Dave Delaney.
“Being an avid reader of business and professional development books, I can say many books focus on why you should do something while falling short on giving actionable how to advice. This is not one of those books. This one is bursting at the seams with useful information that you can use and benefit from immediately. With so much information regarding the processes, tools, and tips on “how to effectively grow your business network” this book is a must read for anyone looking to build relationships – which should be everyone. Another great thing about this book is that most sections have networking tips focused on benefiting you from a personal level as well as from a business level.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBig data marketing : engage your customers more effectively and drive value / Lisa Arthur.“Smart, strategic approach to leveraging data for high-impact marketing….Big Data Marketing” is the book marketing executives and managers need now to effectively compete and deliver high performance marketing. Lisa Arthur provides a holistic approach to managing and leveraging data to drive strategic decisions in 5 practical steps. Lisa presents a roadmap for creating metrics and driving value that includes the critical need to have organizational roles and alignment in place. She identifies potential barriers and provides guidance on proactively addressing these. This is the right book at exactly the right time. In a relatively short period of time marketing organizations went from suffering from a lack of data to being overwhelmed with too much data. Big data is a term that has been endlessly referenced in marketing without any clear vision for managing this as a marketing asset. This book finally moves past the tactical discussions of click-throughs and engagement to present a strategic perspective on customers, integration, analytics and ROI. Well-written and easy to follow, it’s a book that will get you thinking and motivate you to generate big wins from your organization’s big data.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverPredictive business analytics : forward-looking capabilities to improve business performance / Lawrence S. Maisel, Gary Cokins.“More than Forecasting…This book will be of value to those wanting to have some mystery removed about terms like big data and business analytics. Chapter 1 alone is worth the price of the book. The authors, both seasoned professionals and widely published, provide a common sense explanation on how capabilities with predictions reduces uncertainty which then leads to decisions and plans with more confidence. This book is not as much about complex mathematical equations for “data scientists” but rather about how and why the need for predictive business analytics has been escalating for organizations. It explains that organization must now be much more nimble and agile in making decisions and quickly navigating paths that were previously foggy and can now be clearer.” (Amazon reviewer)

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