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Check out the new Social entrepreneurship resource guide on my business pages. Open to all Thanks Ruth M for the idea
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New management books received in May at WCL

Syndetics book coverReinventing you : define your brand, imagine your future / Dorie Clark.
“Whether you are still building your career or are on the road to reinvention, your personal brand is the ticket that will get you there. Consider this book your bus fare. In Reinventing You, strategy and communication consultant Dorie Clark provides a step-by-step guide to help you assess, build, and reinvent your personal brand. You may be taking on a new challenge or a career change, shifting into more meaningful work, or simply need to build your own narrative. No matter the reason, taking control of your brand will mean the difference between success and failure. Mixing personal stories with interviews and examples from well-known personalities, Clark walks you through the process of identifying, developing, and then launching your new brand. Reinventing You is a critical step on your road to success”–Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverTipping sacred cows : kick the bad work habits that masquerade as virtues / Jake Breeden.
“How to cope with seven potentially lethal business paradoxes that are separate but interdependent
Some of the most valuable material in this book is provided when Breeden rigorously examines seven virtues that often become potentially lethal business paradoxes that are separate but interdependent. They involve, respectively, bland/bold balance, automatic/accountable collaboration, narcissistic/useful creativity, process/outcome excellence, outcome/process fairness, obsessive/harmonious passion, and backstage/onstage preparation. He devotes a separate chapter to each and details are best revealed within the narrative, in context.” Amazon reviewer

Syndetics book coverDecoded : the science behind why we buy / Phil Barden ; foreword by Rory Sutherland.“Putting Brain and Decision Sciences into Business Action… Decoded is a brilliant book for anyone in business; communication, marketing, sales, research, etc. It is a vivid translation of the latest findings of neuroscience, behavioral economics, cognitive and social psychology, and decision science into marketing. The balance of science, application, and examples, across a wide range of product and service categories, is just right. Decoded helps resolve many of the dilemmas people in business face; reason vs. emotions, product vs. brand, biology (global) vs. culture (local), and more. This book will also give you many tools to use in the future; concepts, mental models, new vocabulary, metaphors, case studies, and references. The variety of examples, pictures, and exercises make it an enjoyable reading. But the book’s main benefit for practitioners is that it is a simple, but not simplistic, clear, and practical guide to action.”Amazon reviewer

Syndetics book coverThe reinventors : how extraordinary companies pursue radical continuous change / Jason Jennings.
“Change the DNA of your organization for survival and victory…. Jennings makes it crystal clear: the cost of resisting change in a world that demands constant change should fill every businessperson with dread. We’re talking once-thriving commercial downtowns practically abandoned. Busy factories grinding to a halt. It’s why everyone must become a reinventor….
He walks you through the process of learning to transform your organization. And shows how not just to stop at finding a better way to go from A to B, but explains how to become a serial reinventor, with the knowledge and momentum to go beyond, to C, D, and E.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverMeasuring the networked nonprofit : using data to change the world / Beth Kanter and Katie Delahaye Paine ; edited by William Paarlberg.
“The tools nonprofits need to measure the impact of their social media. Having a social media measurement plan and approach can no longer be an after-thought. It is a requirement of success. As nonprofits refine their social media practice, their boards are expecting reports showing results. As funders provide dollars to support programs that include social media, they too want to see results. This book offers the tools and strategies needed for nonprofits that need reliable and measurable data from their social media efforts. Using these tools will not only improve a nonprofit’s decision making process but will produce results-driven metrics for staff and stakeholders. A hands-on resource for nonprofit professionals who must be able to accurately measure the results of their social media ventures. Written by popular nonprofit blogger Beth Kanter and measurement expert Katie Delahaye Paine. Filled with tools, strategies, and illustrative examples that are highly accessible for nonprofit professionals. This important resource will give savvy nonprofit professionals the information needed to produce measurable results for their social media”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverOn making smart decisions.“This is one in a series of volumes that anthologizes what the editors of the Harvard Business Review consider to be the “must reads” in a given business subject area, in this instance making smart decisions. I have no quarrel with any of their selections, each of which is eminently deserving of inclusion”. (Amazon reviewer)