Recently received management books

Syndetics book coverEmployee to entrepreneur : how to ditch the day job and start your own business / Chris Garden and Catherine Blackburn.“Employee to Entrepreneur shows you how to seamlessly move from employed to self-employed, how to effectively harness, utilise and exploit the skills and expertise you’ve already gained in your corporate emploment and use them all to help you start your own business and make the exciting move from employee to entrepreneur” (Book description)

Syndetics book coverWhat management is : how it works and why it’s everyone’s business / Joan Magretta ; with the collaboration of Nan Stone.What Management Is: How It Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business
“Before they can treat patients, physicians must attend medical school. Before trying cases, attorneys need to pass the bar. But businessmen and managers can work without ever going to business school. It’s no wonder they are often lost or unsure when it comes to fundamental management principles. Former management consultant Magretta, with Stone’s help, provides these wanderers with a map. In simple, engaging prose, Magretta and Stone, contributor and editor-in-chief, respectively, of the Harvard Business Review, offer an explanation of what a manager does. They logically begin with a description of what’s required to be a manager, then explain, generally, how to do it. Along the way, they draw on the lessons of management authorities from Michael E. Porter (“the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”) to Peter F. Drucker (“results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems”), and also quote more tangential gurus, such as Albert Einstein (“not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”). The authors do not discuss specifically how to manage people, prepare a budget or deal with shareholders, but that’s not their intent. Magretta and Stone set out to provide the overall framework for thinking about how to be a manager, and in that, they succeed. The book also has a useful appendix listing related readings. (May 13) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverSocial media for social good : a how-to guide for nonprofits / Heather Mansfield.
“Excellent. Provides good advice at strategic and tactial levels….This is one of the best, perhaps THE best, book on social media I’ve read. Heather Mansfield’s advice on social media strategy is excellent. And she provides practical advice on how to do the things she recommends. While the book is targeted specifically to nonprofits, it’s useful for people who are not in the nonprofit world. I consider this book a great investment. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverHungry start-up strategy : creating new ventures with limited resources and unlimited vision / Peter S. Cohan.
“Must-read book for anyone interested in start-ups!…This book is a terrific resource for anyone interested in starting a business. Based on extensive field research with numerous start-up companies, this book is an invaluable guide for creating a successful new business. Peter Cohan lays out useful frameworks for thinking through the key aspects of building and financing a fast-growing business. This book will definitely feed the hungry aspiring entrepreneur! (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverMasters of disaster : the ten commandments of damage control / Christopher Lehane, Mark Fabiani and Bill Guttentag.
“It’s difficult to write a “how to” book on crisis communications. Each crisis has its own set of unique challenges, and what works well in one case may cause a company’s demise in another. But authors Christopher Lehane, Mark Fabiani, and Bill Guttentag–the first two former high-ranking White House officials and the third an Ocsar-winning filmmaker–do a wonderful job of arming readers with critical information they need to know to survive a personal or professional crisis……preparing in advance for crisis is more important today than ever before. Masters helps readers do that by detailing “Ten Commandments” of damage control, the purpose of which are to help restore trust to companies in crisis. Those rules include admonitions to speak to your core audience, avoid feeding the fire, respond with overwhelming force, and “destroy” opponents who dissemble. But the greatest strength of this book is its case studies. The authors went into great detail on numerous recent scandals–ranging from those affecting Toyota, British Petroleum, Penn State University, Tiger Woods, baseball’s steroid users, and a few politicians. The case studies read like good fiction, and I found myself flying through those pages”. (Amazon reviewer)

New management/business books received in the library

Syndetics book coverThe book of business awesome [electronic resource] : how engaging your customers and employees can make your business thrive / Scott Stratten.
The Book of Business Awesome is designed as two short books put together–one read from the front and the other read from the back when flipped over. Covering key business concepts related to marketing, branding, human resources, public relations, social media, and customer service, The Book of Business Awesome includes case studies of successful businesses that gained exposure through being awesome and effective. This book provides actionable tools enabling readers to apply the concepts immediately to their own businesses. The flip side of the book, The Book of Business UnAwesome, shares the train-wreck stories of unsuccessful businesses and showcases what not to do.

Syndetics book coverSmall business for dummies [electronic resource] / by Veechi Curtis.
Thinking about starting a new business? Searching for ways to run your small business better? This essential reference covers everything any Australian or New Zealand small business needs to know, including vital topics such as business planning and franchising, budgeting and GST, marketing and online sales.

Syndetics book coverIdea stormers : how to lead and inspire creative breakthroughs / Bryan W. Mattimore.“Practical advice, compelling and clear…I just finished Mattimore’s new book. After 33 years of corporate life working with many management teams in different industries, I was impressed with how universal the concepts are and how simply they are described. I’ve also worked with many consultants and have, at times, found myself wondering how those who have never been in my specific situation can be expected to help me solve my problems. Mattimore doesn’t solve your problem. In fact, he admits that is not his role. What he gives the reader/business manager are the framework and tools to help each leader find creative answers, ideas and approaches within his/her team or work group. Two thumbs up for this well-written, must-read for those interested in bringing creativity and imagination out of their workforce. There’s something in here for every leader, manager and motivated employee who wants to add value in their organization.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverSuperteams : the secrets of stellar performance from seven legendary teams / Khoi Tu.
What do the SAS, Ferrari and the Rolling Stones have in common? Their success is about far more than talented individuals. They are Superteams. Every organisation – whether a business start-up, a corporate giant or the local sport clubs – lives or dies by the quality of its teamwork. In a complex, fast-moving, increasingly connected world, the need to work effectively as a team is great than ever. In a book that deftly analysis and vision, renowned teamwork specialist Khoi Tu explains how to make sure your team delivers consistently superior results and emerges stronger from the inevitable crises you will face. Superteams uncovers the inner workings and defining moments of seven outstanding teams, including animation powerhouse Pixar, The Red Cross, Europe’s 2010 Ryder Cup winners and the sworn enemies who came together to achieve peace in Northern Ireland. Superteams gives you the insight and inspiration you need to build better teams.

Syndetics book coverManager’s guide to employee engagement / Scott Carbonara.“I manage an I.T. division of a university. Without formal management training, I rely on books like this to provide me with practical tools and strategies to get the most out of our employees. This book is among the most comprehensive and approachable resources I’ve found for managing employees. It covers tapping into employees’ discretionary effort, getting to know them personally, and helping them align to the organization’s values and mission. As an I.T. leader, we are sometimes tempted to think it’s all about the 0s and 1s, but this book makes it easy for me to implement best practices and experience a happier and more productive culture. It’s easy and engaging to read, while also being rich with material–from case studies, to stories, to very practical solutions I can implement and see results from immediately. I’ll keep this book in my office library for years to come”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe art of being brilliant : transform your life by doing what works for you / Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker ; illustrations by Laura E. Martin.“I first heard about co-author Andy Cope from a facilitator on a fabulous training course. I had asked the facilitator if he could recommend anybody for my company who provide dance teachers nationwide to teach dance to children. I wanted something positive, motivating and inspirational so the teachers could pass on their new found energy, enthusiasm and inspiration to the children. I borrowed this book, read it within a couple of days and found it difficult to put down. The witty sense of humour and bitesized chunks made it easy to revisit even if my reading had been interrupted. Nuggets of inspiration from quotes and anecdotes make this book wonderfully accessible without the academic jargon of positive psychology. I have now purchased this book and provided staff with a copy each. Upon revisiting it, have realised how much I had forgotten and have made a note to myself to read this on six-monthly basis to notice those mood hooverers and apply The 90/10 Principle of choosing to respond positively to those negative things that happen to us all and are out of our control. I throughly recommend this book to anyone who is wanting a simple approach to making every day life a more positive thing!” (Amazon reviewer)