recently received business books

Syndetics book coverThe challenger sale : taking control of the customer conversation / Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.“This book comes very highly touted, especially by Neil Rackham himself, who calls it “the most important advance in selling for many years.”I personally don’t think it reaches quite that level, but overall it is an excellent book, with provocative insights and useful information for salespeople looking for ways to break out of the pack….The key to a really good book is that it makes you say, “I never thought of that before,” and to use that insight to improve your life in some way. Interestingly, that’s also the key to a really good salesperson, as well….The book is based on extensive research by the Sales Executive Council into the attributes of successful sales professionals. They found that salespeople tend to cluster into five different types, based on their behaviors: Hard Workers, Challengers, Relationship Builders, Lone Wolves, and Reactive Problem Solvers. Research is great when it generates new and unexpected insights, and three are central to the book.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverEntrepreneur : how to start an online business / Lucy Tobin.
“An invaluable opportunity for those serious about starting an online business …With 3 books to her name Lucy Tobin is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, evident in the well informed narrative and conclusions in Entrepreneur. This book is an invaluable opportunity for those serious about starting an online business to read a well written account of others’ successes and learn from Lucy’s thoughts and ideas.” (Amazon UK)

Syndetics book coverWebs of influence : the psychology of online persuasion : the secret strategies that make us click / Nathalie Nahai.“A fascinating book which applies findings from the new `behavioural sciences’ to understanding the new frontier of the web. There is an absolute wealth of thought-providing ideas here, across a range of areas, including cultural differences, sensory marketing, the psychology of communication and influence, what the new behaviour sciences tell us about decision-making, and the psychology of colour and aesthetics (including some examples from eye-tracking studies of how people view websites). The book also contains loads of case studies, which bring to life the ideas discussed. It’s extremely well designed, with great use of colour, images and info-graphics throughout. All those who have been waiting for a comprehensive book on the psychology of web-design will leap on `webs of influence’!” (Amazon UK)

Syndetics book coverEtsy-preneurship : everything you need to know to turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business / Jason Malinak.
This book will help you make the jump from enjoying your handmade/craft/art hobby to running a profitable business.”Etsy-preneurship” offers step-by-step advice on what it takes to bring in extra income or even one day run a full-time business on EtsyOutlines the basic business skills and knowledge you need to run a business on Etsy Explains how Etsy makes entrepreneurship attainable for everyone.

Syndetics book coverOnline reputation management for dummies / by Lori Randall Stradtman.“Not Just For Dummies,…Don’t let the title fool for you. Even someone like myself, who knows the subject learned lots of great new stuff from this book. Comprehensive and informative it is loaded with countless tips from how to find out what people are saying about you to researching SEO words. The author writes in user friendly language making it easy to follow her step by step guides…I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to better control their online reputation.” (Amazon Reviewer)

Syndetics book coverManagement stripped bare : what they don’t teach you at business school / Jo Owen.“At last: a management book with genuine wit….Management Stripped Bare succeeds where so many management books fail. Jo Owen avoids the preaching and pseudo-science common to his genre, providing instead a wonderfully engaging and humorous account of the business world. With the use of case studies, he separates the true from the merely seemingly true, providing useful tips gleaned from his own considerable experience. Management Stripped Bare contains all that I wished that I had known before presenting to CEOs!” (Amazon UK)

building a new talent management model

From Ernst & Young comes this recently published 2012 report Paradigm shift: Building a new talent management model to boost growth. The report comes out of a survey of a global talent management survey and shows very clearly that there is a gap between expectations and reality. “Our survey findings suggest that overall, organizations have not progressed enough in talent development to be competitive in the near future.”
The highlights from the survey are listed first then followed by separate chapters addressing the issues of:
Challenge 1: Corporate workforces are becoming more global,
but talent management is not keeping pace……………………………
Challenge 2: Companies struggle to invest strategically
in talent management………………………………………………………..
Challenge 3: Measuring the effectiveness of talent management
remains a challenge
Challenge 4: The skills and competencies required by future
business leaders are changing
Challenge 5: Companies lack robust succession plans to identify
the next generation of leaders……………………………………………
Business implications and responses…

Recently acquired management books

Syndetics book coverWhat matters now : how to win in a world of relentless change, ferocious competition, and unstoppable innovation / Gary Hamel.
“Critical insight from the man Fortune called “the world’s leading expert on business strategy”About the only thing a leader can be sure of is that what worked yesterday is unlikely to work today, let alone tomorrow. Never before have businesses faced a more fractured, contentious and dynamic environment. If ever there was a need for fundamentally new thinking about values, competition, leadership, organization talent, and how these things are directly tied to management, it is now. Gary Hamel lays out an essential agenda in a world where old nostrums aren’t merely useless, but downright toxic. Contains more than 25 standalone chapters in six sections that are brutally honest and tackle critical management and leadership challenges head-on Explains how to move from defense to offense, reverse the tide of commoditization, and outrun change Tackles how to effectively hack management, capture the moral high ground, and foster extraordinary contribution Written by one of the world’s most prescient management experts and the acclaimed author of The Future of Management Concise and to the point, What Matters Now will inspire leaders to rethink their business, their management, and how they lead”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverEthics of big data / Kord Davis with Doug Patterson.
“An important, timely and useful book”…What do ethics and big data have in common? The truth is they ought to get together more often. As companies continue to blunder their way through one data crisis after another, they need an approach to working through the hard questions about how they buy and sell, aggregate, use and handle customer data. There is no blanket answer or policy that will be right for all organizations; this book does not say what is good and evil- but it describes a practical approach to creating clarity through ethical inquiry…. It’s a smart read for anyone who deals in customer data, but will be valuable for anyone who wants to understand how to fully use a technology in a way that’s true to individual, organizational, and community values.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverCope with change at work / Sue Stockdale and Clive Steeper.“I found this book a useful companion and refresher to `all things’ change. It provided many useful models and examples highlighting key learning points. I was especially interested in how so many of the techniques could be used equally successfully in private life outside work, especially for encouraging small children more positively.
The book sets itself an ambitious target of equipping the reader to deal with any change the world hurls at us, and delivers 100%. Essential reading material for anyone in a modern office working environment..
With `change’ being the new `normal’, we all have to accept and cope with change. The book challenges the reader to take control, sets out the tools and techniques on which to build our change strategies that will accelerate our successful journey through change.
HR Managers should improve the chances of successful change by handing out copies of this book in advance of organisational change rather than dealing with a more costly unprepared aftermath”. (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverLeading the way : seven skills to engage, inspire and motivate / Andrew Leigh and Michael Maynard.“Practical ideas for today’s leadership issues…This is a useful new handbook full of practical advice for 21st Century leaders. Its central leadership model of 7 I’s (Individuality, Insight, Initiate, Innovate, Inspire, Improvise, Implement) is memorable and is sure to strike a chord in many workplaces.
The style of the book is clear and direct. Each chapter has lots of common sense checklists and ‘Ideas for Action’ and each ends with a ‘Twitter summary’ in 140 characters or less for those without the time to read more. Highly recommended” (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverGreenwash : big brands and carbon scams / Guy Pearse.
“Going green is the new black for big business. But how real is the climate-friendly revolution that’s being advertised? Toyota reckons Mother Nature drives a Prius, Ford wants us to ‘Join the Green Revolution’, and McDonald’s has painted its famous golden arches green. Facebook has even ‘friended’ Greenpeace. But are big brands and the celebrities endorsing them really as green as they claim? In Greenwash, in the tradition of Fast Food Nation and No Logo, Guy Pearse looks behind the corporate façade – and what he finds will startle you. Nothing is sacred and no one is safe from scrutiny in this exposé of carbon scams: not the Prius or the Nissan LEAF, not the World Wildlife Fund or Earth Hour, not Oprah or Leonardo DiCaprio. For consumers trying to shop the planet green, Greenwash is a wake-up call. It’s also an entertaining and practical book that helps consumers to pick the truly green businesses from the greenwashers and to demand a higher environmental standard from all. Praise: ‘Guy Pearse’s welcome book reveals the difficulty of judging the benefits and real environmental costs of the way we live.’-David Suzuki” (Amazon UK Book description)

Syndetics book coverVested : how P&G, McDonald’s, and Microsoft are redefining winning in business relationships / Kate Vitasek and Karl Manrodt with Jeanne Kling.“Excellent Examples of Collaborative Relationships….Vested gives real examples of how companies can work as “we’ to achieve success. My takeaway, Vested thinking and methodology unlocks the power of innovation to drive value and transform relationships. So many of us give lip service to “win-win” relationships yet we act in our own self-interest, it is refreshing to see companies in Vested relationships who truly live “win-win” where winning is mutual-success…”(Amazon reviewer)