Recently received management books

Syndetics book coverBusiness model you : a one-page method for reinventing your career / written by Timothy Clark in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.“A must read , re-work and re-start book.  A shared and integrative concept + global language and practicable method, for innovative career innovators.  As a future entrepreneur is a first step, before launching a potential business model.  For professionals “lost in transition”, a new lifeboat, not only to stay afloat, but to search and navigate in new directions. For creative workers of the “generation-flux”, a complete toolbox to enrich their thinking and unconventional practices”.  (Amazon  reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe definitive guide to HR communication : engaging employees in benefits, pay, and performance / Alison Davis and Jane Shannon.
“Written by nationally recognized HR communication consultants, this book is filled with practical tips on how to take HR employee directed communication from boring to compelling. This handbook, organized around the employment cycle, offers HR professionals an approach and specific techniques they can use every time they communicate (in all forms and mediums). This desk reference will help HR professionals increase employee responsiveness to communications and participation in programs.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book cover.Elements of Influence: The Art of Getting Others to Follow Your Lead
“Readers will appreciate Bacon’s research-driven approach (64,000 subjects and more than 300,000 respondents), one that focuses primarily on providing information, insights, and advice that explain the “how” and “why” of influence. In most chapters, reader-friendly devices are provided, notably “Key Concepts,” “Insights on…,” “Challenges for Leaders,” and italicized insertions (as on pages 3, 25, 72, 139). These will facilitate, indeed expedite frequent review later of key concepts and techniques. Bacon also includes insightful discussions of bullies and bullying, intimidation, fraud (e.g. Bernard Madoff), threat defense, and manipulation as well as clusters of recommendations within these formats: “If you use W,” “When to use X,” “How to use Y efficiently,” and “Defending yourself against Z.” I also recommend checking out the self-assessment material on pages 177-185. In my opinion, Appendix A (all by itself), is worth far more than the cost of the book. In it, Bacon shares what he has learned about definitions of power sources, influence techniques, and influence skills”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe performance pipeline : getting the right performance at every level of leadership / Stephen Drotter.
. “One of Stephen Drotter’s previous books was – “The Leadership Pipeline – How to build a Leadership Powered Company”.As you can deduce from the titles, Drotter feels that almost everyone in a company should be a leader. The introduction “Dealing with pervasive uncertainty” talks about all the unknowns of the current situation. Although I feel these uncertainties, there is a part in everyone that wants to think that the current time has greater uncertainty than others. I have found we always feel that way though.
He talks about not only having good leadership skills but applying them properly for optimum performance. Of course he also touches on succession planning. This is the key role for any board. Also key for any organization to have long term staying ability.Performance Pipeline draws on decades of experience and research so has many interesting stories. The best learning is often gained through stories (and they keep it interesting).
This is an HR book of sorts. There is a great list of interview questions in the appendix. I always find it easiest to pick questions from such a list. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverTurn your talent into a business : a guide to earning a living from your hobby / by Emma Jones.“This book is aimed at helping people turn their hobby into a business and has been written in partnership with Country Living Magazine. As well as providing advice on everything from business planning to sales and marketing the book also showcases 17 people who have successfully turned their hobby into a business, including one of our customers Arianna Cadwallader from Saturday Sewing Session…The book is really easy to follow with everything broken down in simple chunks with the text broken up with tips and case studies; there are also forms for you to complete to help guide you with your market research, and business planning. Several of the case studies relate to sewing and craft related businesses so if that is the area you are thinking of going into that will make their advice more relevant to you. (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverWhat to ask the person in the mirror : critical questions for becoming a more effective leader and reaching your potential / Robert Steven Kaplan.
“In this expansion of a highly regarded Harvard Business Review article, Kaplan (management, Harvard Business School) outlines key strategies for today’s executive leader. All of them involve stepping back and asking critical questions with a true interest in the answers. The author regularly provides anonymous examples from his own consulting and management experience. An appendix presents the key questions and suggested follow-up steps from each chapter, along with a graphical presentation of the overall framework. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (” (Syndetics summary)

The Global Information Technology Report 2012: Living in a Hyperconnected World

This report, the 11th in the series comes about as a collaboration between the World Economic Forum and Insead.  It is an impressive piece of work (11MB) and is   “aimed at identifying, measuring, and benchmarking the drivers of national capacity to leverage ICT to boost competitiveness and well-being and their impacts”.  Some of the chapters which may be of interest are:

The Convergence of Information and Communication Technologies Gains Momentum

 Mobile Broadband: Redefining Internet Access and Empowering Individuals

 The Wisdom of the Cloud: Hyperconnectivity, Big Data, and Real-Time Analytics  

Trusting the Unknown: The Effects of Technology Use in Education

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Business e-books

Read our latest business books on the way to work.  Yes, we have an ever-growing number of business books available in e-book format.  Check out our e-book collection.  I’ve noted a few of the most recently received ones here:

The four essentials of entrepreneurial thinking by Cliff Michaels

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business by Patrick M. Lencioni

Body Language: it’s What You Don’t Say That Matters by Robert Phipps

Currency Wars by James Rickard