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Syndetics book coverMasters of management : how the business gurus and their ideas have changed the world–for better and for worse / Adrian Wooldridge ; with a foreword by John Micklethwait.
“”A complete update of the 1996 bestselling THE WITCH DOCTORS, a penetrating and engaging history of management theory that sorts the wisdom from the dross, and the wise men from the charlatans”–” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe synergist : how to lead your team to predictable success / Les McKeown.“Few people understand business growth dynamics as well as Les McKeown but that’s not why you should buy this book. You should buy this book because Les cogently and accessibly explains the key functions you need to have in your business to get through the rockier stages of its growth. It’s in a caliber of its own….While many entrepreneurs may look at such a book and think it’s not for them, they *especially* should pick it up since their (usually) visionary characteristics keep them from building a company that can reach enduring success.
Buy this book, put your thinking cap on, and implement its insight to get your your team to predictable success”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThink write grow : how to become a thought leader and build your business by creating exceptional articles, blogs, speeches, books and more / Grant Butler.
Thought leaders communicate their valuable knowledge and cutting-edge thinking to inspire others and help them to solve problems or uncover opportunities. Mastering the art of writing thought leadership material is a powerful way for individuals and businesses to demonstrate expertise, build reputations, create trust, start conversations, forge relationships and win influence with target audiences. Think Write Grow provides fascinating insights into how thought leaders capture their brilliant ideas in words, and how you can do the same. You will learn: how to make the leap from expert to thought leader the characteristics of successful thought leaders, and how to find your ‘sweet spot’ in crowded markets proven techniques for writing high-impact material, including blog posts, books, opinion articles, reports, speeches and video scripts how to use thought leadership to grow your business and profile.

Syndetics book coverDo it! or ditch it : turn ideas into action and make decisions that count : eight steps to business success from the millionaires’ mentor / Bev James ; [foreword by James Caan].“Brilliant and essential…This book is quite simply brilliant. It helps you create your business mindset and gives you practical exercises to put into action. Where Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists Way” is a must to get you creative. Bev James’ “Do it or Ditch it” is a must to get your business booming. I normally quickly read through books but with Bev’s I took my time, did the exercises and the value I have got out of it has been amazing.” (Amazon UK)

Syndetics book coverPR today : the authoritative guide to public relations / Trevor Morris, Simon Goldsworthy.
“A comprehensive textbook, from an established and high profile author team, which offers full coverage of PR theory and strategies, but also gives very practical guidance for anyone in a PR role. The broad coverage tackles the tough issues in the industry, and international case studies are used to demonstrate real-world scenarios”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverBeyond the familiar : long-term growth through customer focus and innovation / by Patrick Barwise and Seán Meehan.
“”Beyond the Familiar” offers a practical framework to help companies achieve long-term organic profit growth. It focuses on actionable customer insights flowing freely through the business and ultimately leading to consistently great customer solutions and experiences and a strong brand. It gives specific advice and examples on how to: Offer and communicate a clear, relevant customer promiseBuild customer trust by reliably delivering that promiseDrive the market by continuously improving the offer, while still reliably delivering itGet further ahead by occasionally innovating beyond the familiarSupport all this with an open organizational culture. If you’re looking for valid, practical guidance on how to achieve long term organic profit growth, it’s in your hands.” (Syndetics summary)

Users not customers : who really determines the success of your business / Aaron Shapiro.“must-read for anyone interesting in digital media
Users Not Customers is a fascinating exploration of what it takes for a business to succeed in the digital era. Shapiro provides numerous examples of companies who had the right digital strategy as well as cautionary tales of those that did not– forming a comprehensive portrayal of what works and what doesn’t. The book contains not only enlightening anecdotes but also actionable steps readers can take to ensure their businesses thrive online. On top of that, it’s a great read. I highly recommend Users Not Customers to anyone looking to understand the digital space.” (Amazon reviewer)

Sustaining Vietnam’s growth: the productivity challenge

From the McKinsey Global Institute  comes this February 2012 report “Sustaining Vietnam’s growth: the productivity challenge“.  In the preface the authors note that although Vietnam has made significant progress with its economy since the 1980s “today the economy faces complex challenges that require a transition to a productivity-driven growth trajectory”.

The report outlines the reasons for Vietnam’s success to date , and the challenges it now faces.  The report also outlines a four-point agenda for sustaining growth and its implications for companies.  A comprehensive bibliography is included.

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Guidelines for identifying business risks and opportunities arising from Ecosystem change

This indepth report was published by the World Resources Institute in association with the Meridian Insitute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The report “provides corporate managers with a proactive approach to making the connection between ecosystem change and their business goals.  It introduces the Corporate Ecosystem Services Review – a structured methodology to help businesses develop strategies for managing risks and opportunities arising from their dependence and impact on ecosystems.  It is  a tool for corporate strategy development and can augment existing environmental management systems. (foreword).






Doing business in Indonesia

The future of Indonesia as a great place to do business has been on the radar a lot recently.   Indonesia rated 46th in the Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012

Firstly,  a  joint World Bank and International Finance Corporation publication Doing Business In Indonesia 2012 which “investigates the regulations that enhance business activity and those which constrain it”. 

The Indonesia Competitiveness Report 2011: Sustaining the growth momentum

In the latest issue of In Business magazine  (March-April 2012) there is a collection of  three  articles on Indonesia, under the title of “Inspiring Indonesia”  on pages 61-65.  Wellington City Libraries holds this publication on the 1st floor, Central Library.

Human Capital Trends 2012 – Leap Ahead

Deloittes have just released their 2012 Human Capital Trends report.  This indepth and very interesting report outlines what they see as the eight major human capital trends for the year.  These include developing the next generation of leaders to drive future growth, managing enterprise risk and looking at how social media is raising the bar for human service delivery.

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Latest management books at Wellington City Libraries

Syndetics book coverThe lean startup : how today’s entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses / Eric Ries.
“He explains that startups cannot use traditional planning an management tools because their product and customers are unknown. So, what else? Here he comes up with his Lean Startup Methodology – which is a scientific approach for creating and managing startups. Since the product and customer are not known, startups needs to develop a process of “validated learning” through which they can learn to build a sustainable business. This is different from learning through failure – which is a very expensive and wasteful process. Startups need to have a “Build-Measure-Learn” process and get continuous feedback from the market, so that they can decide whether to continue with the current plan or `pivot’ into other directions…I loved the concepts of `MVP’ – minimum viable product and `power of small batches’ which allow companies to be agile and experiment quickly without committing too much resources.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe secrets of successful communication : a simple guide to effective encounters in business / Kevin T. McCarney.
“This concise book will help you realize where and why communication breakdown happens. Using our Big Brain means responding to situations by taking the time to think through just what our answer should be and responding. In stressful situations (especially when we’re time stressed) we switch to Little Brain mode and react to situations, usually basing our actions on emotions instead of thinking logically about the situation and then responding.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverPreventing stress in organizations : how to develop positive managers / Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Joanna Yarker, and Rachel Lewis.
“Work-related stress presents a major challenge to today’s organizations. Yet for such a widespread problem, surprisingly little guidance is available on developing stress prevention management skills – and even less is backed up by solid research.Preventing Stress in Organizations addresses this problem by presenting an accessible, evidence-based exploration of how managers can reduce and prevent stress in their staff. The authors introduce an innovative programme based on their own ongoing research study (for which they were awarded ‘Practitioner of the Year’ by the British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology), along with other relevant theories and cutting-edge work from the field. After providing a broad introduction to the importance of work-related stress and its management, they reveal a unique set of ‘Positive Manager Behaviours’ – skills they have identified as critical to preventing stress and promoting a healthy, positive workplace. An in-depth discussion of these behaviours is supported by detailed case studies and practical exercises to facilitate real-world implementation.Preventing Stress in Organizations offers groundbreaking insights and invaluable hands-on skills to maintain and promote the health and well-being of individuals and organizations alike. Book jacket.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe rare find : spotting exceptional talent before everyone else / George Anders.
“An amazing look into companies and organizations where we all wish we could spend a day. The book is very well researched and informed. Anders takes us from Special Forces to Facebook and helps us see the correlation in productive talent picking. One does not need to be a corporate exec to appreciate the lessons…this book is about people. You won’t regret it.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe art of managing professional services : insights from leaders of the world’s top firms / Maureen Broderick.
“I have read dozens and dozens of business books in my life, but only a few of them come close to this one. The author succeeds in sharing philosophies from a multitude of highly respected leaders in the Professional Services Industry. After reading her book I feel that I have gained incredibly valuable insights.. not from one person, but from many. I found the book to be an easy read. With my short attention span I often quit reading after chapter two, however with this book I just kept on reading till the end. In my opinion there are only two books on Professional Services management that’s worth reading. This one, and David Maister’s Managing the Professional Services Firm. I suggest you read both, however if you have time for one book only, start with this one. It’s more up-to-date and it’s easier to read”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBreaking the fear barrier : how fear destroys companies from the inside out and what to do about it / Tom Rieger.“This book holds a wealth of information for those who are living, working, and breathing in the Corporate world. The author does a great job illustrating how fear within the ranks hinder productivity and growth at every level of a company and how to go about combating fear and its negative effects. The book is easy to read and the concepts are laid out simply. It is a lifeline to companies that are in trouble, giving them the much needed support to turn things around as well as a preemptive strike for those who are still thriving. I highly recommend it”. (Amazon reviewer)

Taking people with you : the only way to make big things happen / David Novak.
“A practical workbook to use beginning right now rather than a work of future theory…
There are lots of theoretical books from academics and consultants who want to persuade the world that their new idea is the way to go. And that’s fine. Some of them are truly wonderful and change the world. Most do not succeed and are almost immediately forgotten. This book by YUM! Brands CEO David Novak is a workbook on a program he has developed and personally used at his company since it was spun off from Pepsi fifteen years ago…This is NOT a book you read from beginning to end and mull over until you get to it someday, if ever. CEOs are often talked about as providing a vision for the organization. This book is a practical guide for any manager to figure out what the most important things are for them to get their team to do, and how to get your team, department, division, or company to see where you want to lead them, why they want to participate, what they can do to contribute, and why everyone has to be a part of the success.” (Amazon reviewer)