New management books have arrived at Wellington City Libraries

Syndetics book coverBeyond the corporation : humanity working / David Erdal.“Challenging traditional economists – the evidence for employee ownership fascinating read … a book that challenges traditional economists. Written in an highly engaging manner, it lays out the evidence for employee ownership. A business model that engages with and enriches human capital. A model that outperforms the competition. It explores the fallacies – highlighting common errors in reasoning. Rich with examples of employee ownership in action – from across the UK and internationally – John Lewis, Tullis Russell, Loch Fyne Oysters, Arup, Scott Bader, Publix, SAIC and many more. A book for our time – that draws a wealth of experience and learning into one easily digestible read. Very much recommended.” (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBeyond wealth : the road map to a rich life / Alexander Green.“Beyond Wealth is insights about managerial abilities of independent professional view to daily aspects of social life throe personal relationships, contextually placed within the research of individual from Wall Street and macro psychosociology of social structures and systems expressing himself in writing, team work and flexibility in the management of changes from today globalization processes. I see the book like essays about opportunity to read practical wisdom connected with financial Independence, the freedom to do what you want do to, where you want to do, with whom you want and security, balance between work and family … like it, recommended.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe hidden power of your customers : four keys to growing your business through existing customers / Becky Carroll.
“The Hidden Power of Your Customers” filled a missing gap in my undergrad marketing education. Becky’s insights on managing the customer relationship and recognizing and rewarding the value of your company’s existing customer base is insightful and practical advice that I have yet to hear in any marketing, sales, or consumer behavior class. Her practical, real-life examples are detailed, relevant, and help the reader flow through the book with ease. In an academic environment where the focus is on how to drive acquisition, “The Hidden Power of Your Customers” is a reminder that there’s success to be had from the customers you already have.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverLiquid leadership : from Woodstock to Wikipedia : multi-generational management ideas that are changing the way we run things / Brad Szollose.
“Liquid Leadership emphasizes embracing change and unique strengths of a multigenerational team…having launched and successfully led the first dot-com agency to go public, author Brad Szollose experienced a working world remarkably changed by the economy, politics and a new generation raised on technology. These forces intersected to become the backbone of what Szollose determined are the seven laws for becoming a Liquid Leader–in other words, a leader who can cultivate a climate of performance and innovation as well as nurture a demonstrably diverse workforce. Szollose’s seven laws acknowledge the fact that traditional business hierarchies have disappeared along with our standard ideas of what great leadership is. Like no other generation that precedes it, Generation Y’s unique approach to problem solving and its ability to embrace technological change like breathing create a new dynamic in the workplace, especially when juxtaposed with Boomers’ rooted ideas about traditional performance and protocol.”(Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverManager’s guide to social media / Scott Klososky.
“The ideal book for the business application of social technologies. Scott has done and excellent job of focusing on the realities of using social technologies within your company and provided valuable tips on induction training, management responsibility, policy, performance metrics, ROI vs ROE (Return on Effort)…This book also provides great in-sight into managing virtual teams with the use of social technologies for all ages and demographics you’re likely to encounter…Not only is this book about management and what managers NEED to know to keep productive and competitive but it also connects the use of social technologies with the product focused and people (HR, management, collaboration, performance) elements too.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverManaging the unmanageable : how to motivate even the most unruly employee / Anne Loehr and Jezra Kaye.
“Changing your own behavior is difficult enough, but changing other people’s actions if you’re a team leader is very challenging indeed unless you’re patient, committed to success, and have superb coaching and communicating capabilities. Coauthors Loehr (A Manager’s Guide to Coaching, 2008) and Kaye possess both skills and they put them to good use helping managers conquer the unmanageable employee and turning him or her into a star performer. Their methodology makes sense, starting with the five Cs (commit or quit; communicate; clarify goals and roles; coach; create accountability) and fanning out from there with more than a handful of other support tools, such as th. What’s It Worth. worksheet and the roles diagnosis chart. The 11 types of unproductive/disruptive worker, from the excuse maker to the gossip, are almost ubiquitous, appearing in many companies. And case histories, cleverly disguised, enhance the problem-solution narrative. Yet seven-plus tools and a five-step architecture are complicated and not so easy to use, with material probably better suited to learning formats. Behavior modification at work, step by step by step.–Jacobs, Barbar. Copyright 2010 BooklistFrom Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.” (Booklist)

Syndetics book coverMeasure what matters : online tools for understanding customers, social media, engagement, and key relationships / Katie Delahaye Paine ; William T. Paarlberg, editor.
“We keep hearing that measurement is going to be the most important skill for social media practitioners this year. The ability to match a metric to an objective that will measure a specific outcome will start to separate the social media men from the boys, as they say. If you want to get a handle on that process, this book is for you. If you just want to measure hits, likes and retweets, you just might get a paradigm shift reading the book…Katie D. Payne’s Measure What Matters is the preeminent work in this area to date. I know I’m going out on a limb saying that, because there have been some good books written on measurement. But nothing as thorough and in-depth as this, in my view. I’ve read them all, believe me” (Amazon reviewer)

The Way Forward: Moving From the Post-Bubble, Post-Bust Economy to Renewed Growth and Competitiveness

From the New America Foundation (a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute that invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the United States) comes this October 2011 report.   It is organised in five parts, starting off with an overview  which provides the background to the bust and bubble events of the past decade,  then part two provides a more indepth analysis of the current situation.  Parts three and four look at why present ways of countering the situation have failed and look at criteria which need to be achieved in order for a solution to be successful.  Finally, Part 5 outlines a “three-pillared recovery plan”    (Thanks to docuticker)

Free business magazines on Thursdays

treatyourselfthursdaymagsVisit any of our branch libraries on Thursdays between 6th October and Christmas 2011 and you’ll find that our business magazines, as well as any other regular adult, young adult and children’s magazine titles, are FREE to borrow. This applies only to magazines available for loan on the day. To qualify for the free loan, please take your magazines and library card to the desk for a staff member to issue them to you.

NB: Bestseller and reference magazines are excluded, and self-issued magazines will still incur regular charges.

Latest business books at Wellington City Libraries

Syndetics book coverArmy of entrepreneurs : create an engaged and empowered workforce for exceptional business growth / Jennifer Prosek ; foreword by Darren Hardy.
Army of Entrepreneurs is a great book for any entrepreneur, business owner, senior executive, or manager. The idea that every employee can contribute to building the business, no matter what their level of experience, seems obvious. Employees have a lot to offer. And, helping them understand the business, by having an open environment where the CEO or top people communicate and let people know how the business operates, makes sense. Often employees don’t feel ownership in a company, don’t feel appreciated, and do not even realize how integral they can be to the success of the company. This book shows how you can “show the love” to your employees, by investing in them, playing to their strengths, and engaging them in your business or department. (Amazon reviewer)


Syndetics book coverThe hidden power of your customers : four keys to growing your business through existing customers / Becky Carroll.
“Practical insights for every business leader…Becky Carroll does a great job distilling her considerable experience into a book that belongs on every CEO’s bookshelf. The customer-centric ones, at any rate…This book is filled with cogent advice and illuminating examples of how a company can grow with a customer-oriented culture, relevant marketing, memorable experiences and great service. Thankfully, you won’t find hype about social media, technology or a “silver bullet” methodology.” (Amazon reviewer



Syndetics book coverIf you build it will they come? : three steps to test and validate any market opportunity / Rob Adams.“Very Readable Exploration of Market Validation Adams is a great writer and the subject is well organized. The book emphasizes the simple truth that the only way to find out what customers “may” buy is by digging down into the pain they are experiencing and working with them to deliver a product that addresses that pain in a timely fashion….The focus on keeping perspective (not deluding yourself) and on failing early are appreciated. There is always a tension between persistence and knowing when a project/product is going no-where….While we could all use an “easy” solution, the message is clear. It will take many hours of seeking out people with needs, soliciting feedback, and building an on-going partnership with them; and this through-out and after the initial development cycle. Adams is blunt about the number of contacts required per nugget of truth. This is work!” (Amazon reviewer

Syndetics book coverListen first! : turning social media conversations into business advantage / Stephen D. Rappaport.
“In his important new book, Listen First! Turning Social Media Conversations into Business Advantage, Steve Rappaport takes marketers back to their research roots. It has become too easy, and habitual, to ask customers questions that are important to us rather than listen to learn what is important to them. Accessible social media conversations present an opportunity to mend our ways and Rappaport shows us how we can make the most of listening. Rappaport has written a book that’s a pleasure to read. He avoids the shallowness of many popular “business advice” books by providing solid support for his premises without redundancy. Much of what he says should cause brands and agencies to pause and reflect on their strategies lest they become out of touch and irrelevant….If you’re looking for another social media “cookbook,” Listen First! is not for you. It’s something more — guidance on how to stock your strategic “pantry” so that you can cook up initiatives that are better researched and therefore be more likely to succeed.” (Amazon reviewer

 Syndetics book coverJumping the S-curve : how to beat the growth cycle, get on top, and stay there / Paul Nunes, Tim Breene.
“Thinking about success and performance in new ways… The S-Curve concept is central in business strategy and often used as a way to describe leaps between classes of technology. Its concept is simple: new things start out slow, and then scale rapidly, the taper off with each action defining the bottom (incubation), middle (growth), and top (stabilization to trailing off) parts of a market….The idea behind the S-Curve is not new, but Nunes and Breene take this simple model and use it as a way to explain the complexities of high performing companies. The result is a book that is has deep and provocative ideas blended with many examples to influence the way you think about your business, what you are doing and where you may need to change.” (Amazon reviewer)



Syndetics book coverManaging your manager : how to get ahead with any type of boss / Gonzague Dufour.
“Managers come in all varieties, and unfortunately you don’t get to choose your preference. Too often, we find ourselves working for people who are tough to work for, difficult to “decode,” or brilliant but inaccessible.Managing Your Manager is the answer to dealing with a problematic supervisor. Placing manager “types” into real-world categories-from the Bully, Scientist, and Star to the Geek, Parent, and Con Artist-it provides everything you need to make your work life more satisfying and productive. Managing Your Manager gives you the tools to:Categorize your boss based on telling traitsCreate a solid working relationshipAvoid common pitfalls associated with certain typesBecome a strong leader based on lessons learned from various bossesManagers of all types can provide invaluable learning experiences that can enhance your career. Managing Your Manager empowers you with the knowledge, skills, and savvy for dealing with any type of boss and excelling in your job. Book jacket.” (Syndetics summary)

BNZ Connect at Karori

A  BNZ Connect event for small businesses took place on tuesday 4th October in their Karori branch.  It was a great success with about 10 new faces present.  Currently these events happen on the first tuesday of every month between 5.30 and 7.30.  The other venue is the Kilbirnie BNZ.   No matter where you live in Wellington, if you are a small business owner, it’s a great way to make contact with other business owners.  The event is free and catering is done by the superb Gamboni’s Deli  in Parkvale Road. 

I had a great chat with Mihi Sinclair of Smooth Transitions  who operates an incredibly valuable service, which with the rapidly aging New Zealand demographic profile, is sure to be in great demand.  Smooth Transitions takes the hassle out of the decision making when it comes to making lifestyle changes for senior people, managing estate dispersal, household downsizing.  Families these days are much more dispersed,  so it’s good to know that you can get help.

How To Have More Control Over The Business Decisions You Make – From The Inside Out

This is a guest blog post from Evelyne Draper who is a NLP practitioner here in Wellington.  I hope you find it of interest.

Do you know the possible consequences your decisions are having on your business and in your life?

What if you could create new decisions that will give you a new direction in your business?

If you think about decision making in context of your business, what is it that got you where you are today? If I may I would like to suggest that it’s the consistent decisions you made in the past have got you where you are today. And the consistent decisions you make today are going to determine where you end up tomorrow.

Would it be useful if you could make decisions that are more sound and more conscious? Decisions that are more precisely aimed at your vision, goals and dreams of your business?

Here’s the interesting thing: our decisions are driven by something deeper than our conscious thoughts. In fact, I would go so far and say that it’s our values and beliefs that determine our decisions.

Let’s have a look at values. The values we have are the things that are important to us. Take for example a person who values adventure and excitement, and another person who values security and comfort. You’ve got a great bungee jumping programme and invite both people along. What decision do you thing these two people are going to make?

I would suggest that that the person who values comfort and security would probably say no to your programme, while the person who values excitement and adventure will take you up on your invite with enthusiasm.

So, in your business, it’s the decisions you’re making that will be sending you and your business in a particular direction. The question is, in which direction are they sending you?

The Importance of Having a Vision

Something that I realised early on is that if you don’t have a vision for you business, your decisions are kind of hit and miss, and your direction for your business is hit and miss. You need to set up a target, a vision, for your direction, because then you can compare and contrast your decisions with that target, your vision. This in turn will allow you to make more precise decisions. And this means that it will allow you to determine whether your decisions take you closer or further away from where you want to go.

The Importance of Knowing Your Values

And this is where our values come in. As we’ve seen, our decisions are influenced by the values we hold. The trick is, how do we uncover values? Your values are so deeply embedded inside you, they were formed when you grew up, and most of us still operated from these values. This is because we haven’t upgraded our values, we haven’t taken a deeper look at what values are stopping us and which ones are empowering us or propelling us forwards.

Do you know your values? What if you knew the deeper structure of what’s creating your decisions? Your values become a precision compass that directs your decisions towards your vision and goals of your business and towards business success. From the inside out.

Here’s an exercise you can do to find out your values. You can take any area of your life, such as your family, your relationship, your health, your career or business, you name it. For now, let’s keep it in context and take your business.

1. What’s important to you about your business? Write down everything that is important to you about your business. It could be anything, don’t censor anything and just let your imagination take over. When you can’t think of anything anymore, ask the question again: What’s important to me about my business? Write down some more as it comes to mind, and ask the question again.

2. Now, go through your list of values and select the top 20. Of these top 20, select the top 10 things that are most important to you, the ones you just can’t go without.

Remember, it’s not finding what you value. It’s about finding what you value most.

3. For this next step, it is easiest if you write your top 10 values on post-it notes, one value on each note. This will make it easier to sort them in order of importance. Order your values with the most important value on the top, the least important at the bottom. Then, take the first value and ask yourself, is the first value more important then the second value or is the second value more important than the first value. Do this for each of the 10 values, re-ordering if necessary.

Be willing to be surprised. It may be that you had never realised how important something was until this exercise.

When you now look at what you value most about your business, your top 10 values for your business, are the decisions you make each day aligned with your values? Or do you need to make some adjustments to your decisions so that they fulfil your values? Once your business decisions are aligned with your values, your business will make an amazing leap to success.

To your success from the inside out


Evelyne Draper is an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach, licensed by the International Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming and the International Coaching Institutes. She offers NLP coaching for business people and people who want to improve the quality of their lives. Very often people are not aware of how much their attitudes and beliefs influence how successful they are in business and in life. She is passionate about helping people achieve the results they want. For more information, go to Evelyne lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her partner Michael, and when she’s not helping other people get what they want, she likes to go on long walks in and around Wellington, along the beaches and exploring nature.