Latest management books received at Wellington City Libraries

Syndetics book coverDeal with difficult people : how to cope with tricky situations in the workplace.
While we’d all like a quiet life, there are some situations that can’t be ignored – it is estimated that up to 2 million Australians will experience workplace harassment at some time during their career. Workplace bullying and discrimination can be a major problem to many, resulting in stress, anxiety and reduced productivity. Customers can be demanding, or even abusive and then there are the people who are just ‘high-maintenance’. This fully revised and updated Steps to Success title offers practical advice on a wide range of contemporary issues, from how to defuse tense situations, to where to turn if you think you are being discriminated against, to stepping in to help others.(Syndetics)

Syndetics book coverDeveloping a business case : expert solutions to everyday challenges.
“To decide the best course of action for your company to take advantage of new opportunities, you must first develop a business case to explore multiple alternatives, then make a recommendation to support a particular option. In this book, you’ll learn to:Clearly define the opportunityIdentify and analyze a range of alternativesRecommend one option and assess its risksCreate a high-level implementation planCommunicate your case to key stakeholdersMeet Your MentorDr. June Paradise Maul is president of Advantage Value, a consulting and education company. She teaches executive development and graduate-level business and leadership programs on strategic planning, leadership, and decision making.The Pocket Mentor series offers immediate solutions to common challenges managers face on the job every day. Each book in the series is packed with handy tools, self-tests, and real-life examples to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and hone critical skills. Whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or on the road, these portable guides enable you to tackle the daily demands of your work with greater speed, savvy, and effectiveness. Book jacket.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverGlobal coaching : an integrated approach for long- lasting results / Philippe Rosinski.
“Roskinski, considered a leading expert in executive and team coaching and global leadership development, offers managers and coaches guidance in how to achieve a broader, more well-grounded way to deal with the global economy and its interconnectedness. He explains his integrated approach to coaching that brings together strategies from what may seem to be, in some ways, six disparate perspectives: physical, managerial, psychological, cultural, political, and spiritual. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverMoral intelligence 2.0 : enhancing business performance and leadership success in turbulent times / Doug Lennick, Fred Kiel ; with Kathy Jordan.
“A dramatic erosion of trust in our business, financial, and government leaders has provided even stronger evidence of the links between moral intelligence and optimal business and personal performance. In “Moral Intelligence 2.0,” Douglas Lennick and Fred Kiel thoroughly update their best-seller to demonstrate those linkages-and to guide leaders in measuring, developing, and applying moral intelligence throughout their organizations.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverNext level : what insiders know about executive success / Scott Eblin.
“This second edition of Elbin’s (executive coach, The Elbin Group) guide to success in executive positions features new interviews and anecdotes from global executives, context specific coaching tips, and an updated appendix called “Create Your Executive Success Plan” offering best practices for high performance at the executive level. Chapters are arranged thematically in three sections covering the foundations of personal presence, the foundations of team presence, and the foundations of organizational presence. Advice for specific situations is offered in an appended “Situations Solutions Guide” along with a short bibliography. The first edition was published in 2006. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe top 10 distinctions between winners and whiners / Keith Cameron Smith.
“Let’s face it; to become a winner in the face of unpredictable times requires hard work and a determined mindset. Winners choose to be winners. While whiners let others control their fate. In “The Top Ten Distinctions between Winners and Whiners” author Keith Cameron Smith reveals the secrets to becoming a winner in both your professional and personal life. Readers will receive powerful exercises that will make a positive and lasting change in their lives. The key to moving beyond the status quo and up the ladder is mastering ten vital principles, including: Winners can have what they want and take responsibility. Whiners want what they cannot have and play victim. Winners are focus-minded and listen twice as much as they talk. Whiners are scatterbrained and talk twice as much as they listen. Winners create positive meaning and build relationships. Whiners create negative meaning and destroy friendships.” (Syndetics summary)

Global Entrepreneurship and Successful Growth Strategies of Early-Stage Companies

This co-production report (16mb pdf – but opens really quickly) comes from World Economic Forum in collaboration with Stanford University and Endeavor Global.    The aim was that the report would be of special interest to:

“Governments seeking to better tailor their initiatives to create thriving entrepreneurial regions/industries/cultures….young entrepreneurs looking for guidance from successful past experiences of growth companies and ….financial and other partners of early stage ventures”.

BNZ Connect networking event

Last night I attended a BNZ Connect event at Karori.  It was a great opportunity to talk with small business owners who live in Karori and be able to outline how Wellington City Libraries could be of assistance.   The event was most useful and there was a real sense of community.  These events are held on the first tuesday of every month at a number of different  BNZ stores.

Latest business books in the library

Syndetics book coverConsumer.ology : the market research myth, the truth about consumers and the psychology of shopping / Philip Graves.
“The real strength of this book is that it provides an amazing number of insights about the most elusive facet of local, national, and international commerce: the behavior of consumers. Their psyche. Why any business that hopes to survive simply cannot bet the farm on what they have been told or has been inferred by it’s very own customers. No organization can survive for long without a plan. So, how do you plan when you’re working with data that is, at best, suspect?    Fortunately, Mr. Graves doesn’t take us down this rocky road and dump us out. No, he shares his own insights and knowledge to help a company find its niche and get a more realistic fix on exactly HOW and WHERE it will find its own competitive edge.”  (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverPulse : the new science of harnessing Internet buzz to track threats and opportunities / Douglas W. Hubbard.
In “Pulse: The New Science of Harnessing Internet Buzz to Track Threats and Opportunities”, Douglas Hubbard shows how our daily tweeting, “friending” and even searching on Google provides data that accurately shows trends long before any surveys have been taken, calculated and made public. While each of us may blog, post in Facebook, buy from Ebay and do so for any number of different reasons, the sheer magnitude of data from all users consistently shows trends and outcomes as accurately as surveys, opinion polls and other traditional research that has been relied on for years….Hubbard opens with a clear definition of what Pulse is and how it has evolved from more traditional, historical methods of data gathering. More fascinating though, are the chapters describing how it works. Many examples in the book walk us through how our tweets, blogs, wall posts, video watching and so on, all contribute to the big picture. In Part ll, Hubbard breaks down the various areas that make up our “digital footprint” where “surf, friend, say, go, buy, play” are elaborated on.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverOut of our minds : learning to be creative / Sir Ken Robinson.
“Seminal contribution….Professor Ken Robinson’s underlying thesis is that our education system trains people for things which were important during the industrial revolution, but fails to train them in the most important skill for the 21st century — creativity. The original book came out about ten years ago, which is when I first heard Robinson speak on the subject, and this revised edition is updated with experiences and ideas that came to him in the intervening years, many as a result of testing his ideas in the USA….This is a hugely entertaining, warm and human book, and gains substantially from the additional perspective. Robinson’s voice is infectious, and his self-deprecating and ironic style can catch you by surprise. This contributes greatly to the enjoyment you get from the book, and takes nothing away from the points he is making.” (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe orange revolution : how one great team can transform an entire organization / Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton.
“So, why another book on change? No other book of which I am aware, on the subject of breakthrough teams, is driven by research/evidence to the extent this one is. Nor is there a book of which I am aware that explains more thoroughly than this one does what motivates members of breakthrough teams. In The Orange Revolution, Gostick and Elton limit their attention to such teams. (You know when I think about it, ALL teams should achieve breakthroughs to ensure that their organization remains competitive.) They base their observations, insights, and recommendations on the results of the aforementioned survey. “What we found was unexpected – and eye-opening. We were able to statistically establish a pattern of characteristics displayed by members of the best teams, as well as a set of rules that great teams live by. Even more rewarding was the realization that these qualities could be shared with other teams.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverNow, build a great business! : 7 ways to maximize your profits in any market / Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy ; foreword by Frances Hesselbein.
Sound Instruction for all.,… Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy have provided a road map for destination success. The content in their book is woven with ideas and facts that could cause anyone to aspire to starting or running a business. But, not just any type of business–a great business! …However, this book is not just for the business savvy. It brings in aspects of leadership and decision making that can help in all fields where success is the pursuit. I apply these principles as a full-time student,a lowly-employee, and in my different leadership roles. With their advice, I can be a great asset to any company and any group. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe six-figure second income : how to start and grow a successful online business without quitting your day job / David Lindahl, Jonathan Rozek.
“This book is one of the best practical guides on how to start your own freelance business that I have ever read. It is full of simple, easily understood, and easy-to-follow advice on how to get started with no cost and minimal effort. A lot of books about freelancing tell you how to market yourself before you are really ready to be marketed because you don’t know what you are doing to start with. In fact, at first, most people don’t even know how to get started. This book is different- in no-nonsense language and step-by-step directions, it takes the fear out of getting started on your own and directs you step-by-step on how to just jump in and do in, the no-frills way. The author has provided numerous links throughout the book to his website, where his links take you exactly to where he directs you in the book.” (Amazon reviewer)