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As you know, I tend to send most of my alerts to reports and websites which I consider useful or interesting out by tweeting.  In case you haven’t caught up with me @wcl_marilyn here are my latest tweets.

Re jeffparks tweet re The Stranger’s long neck – held at Wellington City Lib. check it out 14 minutes ago via web

Re BusinessTalk’s s Clay Shirky link – Wellington City Libraries has his recent book Cognitive Surplus 10:45 AM Dec 16th via web

Read about the “silver tsunami” and other articles in a Wharton special global report “Work the new face of retirement”

What drives Canadians to live in apartments. Gives reasons and summises trend will accelerate. Applicable here?

Health Info goes mobile. Latest Pew report looks at how mobile users use their cellphones for info

Community Rights for an Asset Owning Democracy. Interesting report from ResPublica. U.K. origin but applicable here Latest management books in the Library: Have a look here to see new management books  of interest at Wellington …

@ruthmcdavitt many thanks for that Ruth. Hope all is well with you. 3:54 PM Dec 10th via web in reply to ruthmcdavitt

update – re Datamonitor – sorry only available in Wellington’s Central Library (come in and have a browse)

U.S. public service orgs with great media savvy. Have a look at the 1st digital IQ index- some great websites here Check out new modified Marketline. Now called Datamonitor clean lines, easier searching. Available in the library

End of another year

It has been an interesting busy year and I’ve met a fantastic exciting group of people who have shared  their ideas for a small business with me.   These people come to me mainly through Grow Wellington – so thanks very much.   I look forward to seeing the fruition of all their hard work, in the form of successful new ventures, and look forward to being able to be still able to provide research assistance to you all.  Hopefully 2011 will bring me the opportunity to work with a whole new raft of inspired Wellingtonians.


What I’ve been tweeting lately

If you missed it yesterday, listen to RNZ business podcast with Gyles Beckford: Reserve Bank, government’s books & more.

Can you remove information about yourself from google. Good tips posted by Karen Blackman and

Another great historical resource. Auckland Weekly News images 1934-1944 at   See how life was lived down under between the 30’s and 80’s, the Australian Women’s Weekly archive online at Great!

Cool graphic showing the history of social media