Foursquare and all the buzz about location based social media

It seems that everywhere I look I see references to Foursquare and location based social media services.   If you have a Wellington City Library card have a look at the following.  If you haven’t used our  site within the last month, you will need to authenticate first here     

As Foursquare moves beyond hipsters, big brands check in 

Forget Foursquare: why location marketing is new point-of-purchase

Foursquare set to rocket

and here  for these articles

Getting Customers to ‘Check In’ With Foursquare

Online reputation: Get your bearings

Creating a risk intelligent infrastructure

This July 2010  white paper  from Deloitte takes as it’s starting point not minimising or avoiding risk in the organisation.  Instead it discusses how it can be managed within the organisation.  This is a very useful document and outlines the nine fundamentals Deloitte’s say are crucial to an organisation managing risk and achieving strategic goals.

Have a look at all the white papers in Deloitte’s Risk Intelligence series

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