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Pricing for profit

A podcast entitled ” Profitability in a downturn:  The pricing debate” has been produced by Deloitte Global Insights and is a discusssion with Deloitte professonals who work with customers to get satisfactory pricing strategies. Also available at the site are a number of other useful resources. Thanks to docuticker

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Best of Working Knowledge 2009

From Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge comes their pick of their top 10 articles and top 5 working papers for 2009.  They include articles on management trends, social networking, managing teams and lots of other interesting material. Thanks to Docuticker

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Transitioning to the non-profit sector

From Idealist.org comes this free resource for those of you who are thinking about making the transition to working in the non-profit sector.  It can be downloaded or read chapter at a time from the links.  Thanks to docuticker

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