Wayback machine

This is a wonderful site which has been going for some time now.  I have used it several times.  Apart from being fun, it is an  extremely useful site if you are doing company research, or searching for company and industry information.   It consists of snapshots of websites as they were at a certain point in time.  There are lots of New Zealand sites available including company sites.  Very interesting to go back and see finance company sites a few years ago!

Thanks to Resourceshelf

Search engine marketing

The U.K.’s Internet Advertising Bureau  have produced a great resource which “contains best practice information for all basic and advanced search marketing techniques. Explanations of the key similarities between search engine policies are also included for trademarks, copyright, privacy, invalid clicks and intellectual property in campaigns”.  Some of the topics covered are campaign research, demographic targeting and bid management techniques.

Thanks to  Internet Resources Newsletter and Resourceshelf