Profile of libraries rises during recession

This is a comment in Newsweek from an American librarian which backs up what I have been noticing here at Wellington City Libraries (WCL) as well.  She is working at a library just north of Detroit and has noticed the increasing numbers of people coming to the library, many to use the computers to fill in online job applications, and needing help with this. 

Here at WCL we have an online resource  freely available  to use remotely from home or work, which may assist you, in how to look for a new career, go for a job interview, or learn how to transfer those skills you have in to getting a new job.

Making strategic change

One of my favourite commentators in the library world is Mary Ellen Bates.  She runs her own company and she recently did a very interesting presentation entitled When you see a fork in the road, take it! and the subtitle is Recognising and making strategic changes in your business.  She interviewed a number of business owners and then pulled out what she thought were the best comments.  Worth a look!

Thanks to Librarian of Fortune