Public libraries and small business

It is well known that small businesses who even in times of normal economic activity, do not have the ability to adapt and reposition their businesses in a competitive,  global economy are even more at a serious disadvantage in these unprecedented times.  You need access to current and detailed online information which your local library can assist you with.  Visit and see how we can help you.   Wellington City Libraries is a one-stop-shop providing you with specially selected links to useful local and international websites, and produces business guides on such subjects as “Doing Business Overseas” and “Small Business“.  

Tips on project management

Although this is a company website ( Project Management Consultants UK) it is a very useful site with lots of free information written in a pithy style and incorporating useful diagrams.  It is designed as a resource for  anyone involved in project management whether they are new-comers or experienced.   The examples are based on the automotive industry but can be adapted to any industry.