Reflections on the Small Business Expo

Exhausting and exhilerating are two words that come to mind, but so worth the effort.

We had over 370 indepth conversations with expo goers and also other expo participants.  There was much interest shown in our free services and databases, including Press Display which shows newspapers from around the world with the same layout on the screen as they have in print, and Business Source Complete and Abi Inform.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, and letting you know just what Wellington City Libraries can do for your business.

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Tips for small businesses on marketing to customers

These links will take you through to the Business Source Complete database, one of our online databases. You will be prompted first for your library card details before viewing the articles.

Coster, Helen
Forbes 28 January 2008 p 62

This article looks at how small businesses can use social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to connect with customers and potential customers.

Keys to Direct Marketing Success
Bayham, Alan
Home Business Magazine May/June 2008 pp 42-45

The writer offers advice on the use of direct marketing strategies for home-based businesses to to attract customers, and generating growth in the long-term. The advice includes how to develop loyal customers.

Making Inspiration routine
Lafley, A.G. & Charan, Ram
Inc June 2008, pp 98-101

Discusses market segmentation and looking for the underserved market. Gives tips on how to generate important new ideas and design processes, by hiring creative people.

SMBS feed on social networking input to grow
Schwartz, Karen D
eWeek 21 January 2008 p43

Another article discussing the importance on the use of social networking sites for anyone involved in business. The results were based on a study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity. The use of these sites in business-to-business connections is stressed, as is the use (47%) use of these sites to connect with potential clients.

Universal search is coming
Melburg, Caroline
Home Business Magazine May/June 2008 p 66

Another article from this useful magazine giving an overview of how search engines work, so you know the importance of keywords and phrases as well as meta tags when formulating your website. The article also suggests the usefulness of a blog in “search engine optimization”. Sounds like the article is well worth reading.

A 360-degree view of your customers
Bland, Vikki
New Zealand Business March 2008, pp 58-62

This recent NZ article looks at the growth of customer relationship management (CRM). The importance of the need to integrate CRM with a company’s online networks is stressed.

How a Fortune-500 process can help your firm reduce errors
Sherman, Peter and Sherman,
Peggy Journal of Financial Planning July 2007 suppl pp 10-12

Although Six Sigma management tool is often more closely associated with large Fortune 500 companies, this article discusses how beneficial it could be for small and medium-sized companies.

Keeping up for executives

Eiu Executive Briefing  is a collaboration between Harvard Business School and the Economist.  The homepage is free with links available to a number of publications, but full access to the site requires registration.

There is some interesting material here including a link to a 2008 fulltext pdf on talent management entitled People for Growth The talent challenge in emerging markets.

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