Wanting to do business in China?

Then don’t miss this!

From Grow Wellington  comes notification about an upcoming series of two-day presentations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and NZ Trade and Enterprise which will explain the new trade agreement and how you can best take advantage of the opportunities.   The Wellington regional event takes place on 26th and 27th May to be held at Westpac Stadium.  For further information click here

Global e-government survey 2008

Following on from yesterday’s posting re global government e-readiness is the publication of another survey, this time the United Nations survey  E-Government to Connected Governance .  The document can be downloaded from this site.   New Zealand comes in at no 18 overall, but features remarkably well (no 6) on the e-participation index which “aims to capture the dimensions of government to citizen interaction and inclusion”

This link comes via UN Pulse

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