New Business Information Specialist

I’ll be still publishing this blog, but I have a change in emphasis in my work here at Wellington City Libraries.  I will be placing special emphasis on working with companies (large or small) to help them satisfy their information needs.  Wellington City Libraries offers up to two hours of free non-urgent research to Wellington based customers.  I can be reached on 801 4059 or email me at

I hope to be getting out and about soon talking directly with you.   Meanwhile I look forward to hearing from you.

 Marilyn Domney

Grow Wellington (yes a name change)

In case you didn’t know, on the 14th February 2008 the Regional Economic Development Agency changed its name to Grow Wellington.  The new name  reflects the main goal of the agency to “work with businesses and other organisations throughout the Wellington region, nationally, and internationally, to achieve economic growth through exports.”