Continuing the Climate change and sustainability theme

Madhav Mehra, President World Council for Corporate Governance , produced this report in July 2007  Climate Change – The Edge of a New Frontier  which includes a section on what some international companies are doing.

Ceres is  “a national network of investment funds, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working to advance environmental stewardship on the part of businesses”.   Their  report  2006 Corporate Governance and Climate Change: Making the Connection  looks at  how 100 global companies “are positioning themselves to compete in a carbon- constrained world.” You can download the summary or the full report.

Marsh Centre for Risk Insights  “As an independent and objective source of critical information and insights, the Marsh Centre does not market, promote or sell any products or services”.   Here you will find a brief synoposis of a recent Fortune 1000 company survey as to how risk is perceived.   Also check out their Insights link for previous research.

Sustainability  While this is a company site (they advise their clients “on the risks and opportunites associated with sustainable development and corporate responsibility”) there is a wealth  of information contained here with easily accessible archives of reports and articles.  Check out this issue brief on climate change communication