New Zines I Love

So, do you guys remember the Zine Fest that we were quite fanatical about a couple of months ago? Well, it turned out to be aaaaaaawesome! (not that we were surprised). And we got so, so many new zines. These are some of my faves from our massive haul:

Untitled / Glades
Initially, I fell in love with this zine because it had pink stick-on sparklies on the cover. Swoon!! Fickle, I know, but when I opened the zine, the inside was awesome too!! Basically, it lists all the things that would be possible if you had a fabulous hairstyle. It’s also decorated with black and white photos of glorious vintage hairstyles; do check it out.

3aSleep without Shelter / Sarah McNeil
This is beautifully put together (♥ washi tape) and is full of pen illustrations, along with some lists and general musings.

4aDads on Vacay / Louisa Beatty
The title of this says it all, really! Teeny tiny zine filled with (hilarious) photos of dads on vacay. You’re gonna love it.

1aToys / Holly Leonardson & Sarah McNeil
This zine is so cute, it kills me. The cover has googly eyes and a fluffy nose, to start with!! The inside has fluroscent pink pages with ridiculously cute illustrations (baby deer, cats, dogs, a performing seal and some teddy bears. Cute enough for you?) From a limited edition of 50, this zine is just the dose of whimsy your Monday needs.

5aWhat / Which Item of Food Are You? / Anonymous
This zine asks the question that we have all pondered (or maybe not) – if you were an item of food, what would you be? Pure genius.