This week’s Law for Lunch – Driving me crazy: driving offences and Limited Licenses

With Criminal Defense Barrister, Cathie SheatLaw for Lunch logo

Come along to the second session in the current series of Law for Lunch, at the Central Library this Wednesday, 13 March, from 12-1pm, for accurate information and practical advice on

  • Fines, infringement notices and the new Online Fines system
  • Disputing Fines
  • Traffic offences and penalties – careless driving – reckless driving – dangerous driving
  • The court process
  • Limited Licences

Cathie Sheat has many years of legal experience representing people on traffic offences and other driving charges. You will have the perfect opportunity to ask your questions and get the information you need for a better understanding of traffic offences, penalties and breaches of the Road Code.

This mini-seminar will take place this Wednesday, on the Ground Floor of the Central Library. You are all welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!

For more information about this and future sessions, check our online Event Calendar for a full listing of talks in this series.