PressReader – the new improved PressDisplay

pressreader-appFrom September, the PressDisplay database will become PressReader. You will still get same day, unlimited access to full-page replicas of thousands of newspaper and magazine titles from NZ and around the world, but the look of PressReader is much more mobile friendly and customisable to view on your computer or mobile device. You can also choose to take advantage of a range of new features such as bookmarking, instant translation, keyword search and greatly improved social sharing.

Fantastic New Magazine Content

As well as the vast array of newspaper content, PressReader provides full access to as many magazines as newspapers with some great NZ titles, including NZ Listener, NZ Woman’s Day, Cuisine, Metro, NZ House & Garden, NZ Gardener, Little Treasures, NZ Rugby World, and Next. Overseas titles include Mojo, Q, BBC History, T3, Elle, Mollie Makes, Playstation Magazine, SFX, GQ Australia,Vogue Australia and Top Gear. And just like Pressdisplay, over 60 languages are represented in the newspaper & magazine content.

Accessing Pressreader

By using PressReader through the library website and by logging in with your library card, you now receive 48 hours of Pressreader access on that same computer without having to re-login again. A pop up at the beginning of each session will alert you to how much time you have remaining. When the time runs out, you can login again with your library card to get 48 more hours.

If you choose to, you can also use the free PressReader app both in the library and remotely to read newspapers and magazines. If you’re using the app in our libraries, you will immediately get 48 hours access to the content. If using it from home, login using your tablet or smartphone’s browser first via the library website to obtain this extended access, and then create your own unique signin to use the app (either using your email or a social media account), and create your own collection of titles and interests.  You can then use this sign in on the app. NB The ‘Library Card’ signin isn’t available to library members currently)

You may notice some slight differences between Pressdisplay and Pressreader – once you select a title, you can now ‘turn’ the pages by clicking and dragging the next page into the centre screen. Thumbnails of the pages that used to be on the right of the paper can now be found at the bottom of the screen, with the table of contents.

More information: Pressreader Help Centre, Pressreader videos, iOS user guide and for Android user guide.

If you have any questions about using the new Pressreader, please let us know at