Library Elf helps you remember your reading history

library elf sidebarLibrary Elf – the service which emails you ahead of time for all the titles you or your family have on loan – has introduced a new feature which allows you to keep a record of your reading history. Here’s how to enable it after you have logged into your¬†account:

1. Select “My Account” from the Library Elf sidebar

2. Click the “Edit” button beside the Options section of “My Account”


3. Check the box beside ‘Turn on reading history’ and click ‘Save’


4. Voil√†! You won’t have to try and remember that ‘book with the blue cover’ – because from now on everything you borrow will be kept in your history.

Of course, you can delete your history at any time, by selecting “Delete History” in the Library Elf sidebar, and stop retaining your history completely by deselecting “Turn on reading history” and then clicking “Save”.

We hope you like this new feature! If you’re not using this subscription service yet, here’s more information about Library Elf.

library elf now offers your borrowing history