What Theresa thinks about New Zealand Music

We put a few key questions to our lovely (and knowledgeable) Wellington Library staff about New Zealand Music.

The most under-rated NZ band or musician: The Rabble are a great up-and-coming NZ punk band.


Your favourite NZ band or musician: Goodnight Nurse rank highly. their songs are catchy and their gigs are consistently fun and entertaining.


Your favourite live NZ music act: Streetwise Scarlet are wonderful live with high energy and great interaction with the crowd. Also, Wellington-based covers band, The Business are guaranteed to get everyone dancing. 


Thanks Theresa!

Staff Picks

Soft Bomb by The Chills
Staff member: Monty

I love ‘Soft bomb’ first and foremost for two of the most personal, searing ballads ever written.’Halo Fading’ is a hymn to lost love.  This Halo fades and as the song progresses Martin Phillips lyrics and music swell and recede in piano and string response to memory and digression, love and disappointment. ‘Song for Randy Newman’ starts with ‘Can you hear sounds forming in your head?/Do they say more than you’ve ever said?’   The repeating coda is ‘Hunger, Hunger, Hunger,’ and Phillips places himself at the head table of song writers, among ‘Men like Wilson, Barrett, walker, Drake…’   The delicacy of the tune, the understated production, the building vision all attest to his inclusion – at least for this song.  They’re complete songs – perfect.