Whenua : stories of the land

Three books this month give us snippets and stories of the land.  There is the walking tour of 200 sites throughout New Zealand, a story of the gifting of Lake Wairarapa, along with the background environmental, archaeological “moulding of its landscape”, and then the account of the settlement and development of Hokowhitu in Palmerston North.  A fascinating special issue of NZJES discusses Kaupapa Māori.

Syndetics book coverExploring Aotearoa : short walks to reveal the Māori landscape / Peter Janssen.
“A walking guide containing around 200 short walks that explore Māori features of the landscape”–Publisher information.
“Author Peter Janssen has researched the fascinating background to each site, drawing on Māori oral and written history to relate the creation myths, battle scenes, momentous events and cultural detail underlying these sites”–Back cover

Syndetics book coverWairarapa Moana : the lake and its people / general editor: Ian F. Grant.
“Wairarapa Moana tells the story of the North Island’s largest lake complex from the mists of Māori myths to the realities of today’s environmental problems. Thirteen contributors … have written about Māori and Pākehā history, the area’s archaeology and the moulding of its landscape , the control of water in Wairarapa Moana’s complex of lakes, rivers and wetlands, about the diverse and sometimes rare fauna and flora, and about the clashes between European farming and Māori cultural values. Most significantly, there is also the little known saga of the Māori gifting of Lake Wairarapa to the Crown in 1896, the subsequent trail of broken promises and deceit until, finally, the people of Wairarapa Moana triumphed with their successful development of the Pouākani lands in the Waikato”–back cover

Hokowhitu : the story of settlement and development / Garry O’Neill.“Hokowhitu tells the story of settlement in pre-European times, and the reserve land retained by the Rangitāne when the Government purchased Te Ahu-a-Turanga block of land in 1864. As the township of Palmerston North developed the Māori Reserve was subdivided ito seven blocks and allocated to the principal families of the Rangitāne. Each family negotiated the rights to mill the trees”–Preface, p. 4.

Syndetics book coverMatiatia : gateway to Waiheke / Paul Monin.“Understanding the past is crucial to the decisions being made today. Waiheke historian Paul Monin tells the story of Matiatia from occupation at the time of the first Maori settlement of Aotearoa to the present day.”–back cover.

Archaeology in New Zealand ; vol. 55, no. 4 (December 2012)
p. 243. Whenua tuku iho : managing an ancestral archaeological landscape ; Ōtakanini Tōpū, South Kaipara Peninsula by Vanessa Tanner, Leah McCurdy and Malcolm Paterson.
p. 258. Investigation of Māori ovens on the old Lyttelton waterfront by (M36/229) by Andy Dodd.

New Zealand journal of educational studies ; vol . 47, no. 2 (2012)
Special issue: He aha te kaupapa? Critical conversations in kaupapa Māori ; edited by Te Kawehau Hoskins and Alison Jones.
p. 10. Interview : Kaupapa Māori : the dangers of domestication by Graham Smith.
p. 21. Interview : Kaupapa Māori : shifting the social by Mason Durie.
p. 30. Politics and knowledge : kaupapa Māori and mātauranga Māori by Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal.
p. 38. Pretty difficult : implementing kaupapa Māori theory in English-medium secondary schools by Russell Bishop.
p. 51. Achievements, orthodoxies and science in kaupapa Māori schooling by Georgina M. Stewart.
p. 64. Kaupapa Māori research : epistemic wilderness as freedom? by Garrick Cooper.
p. 74. Making sense of kaupapa Māori : a linguistic point of view by Peter J. Keegan.
p.85. A fine risk : ethics in kaupapa Māori politics by Te Kawehau Hoskins.
p. 100. Dangerous liaisons : Pākehā, kaupapa Māori, and educational research by Alison Jones.

Otaki historical journal ; vol. 34 (2012)
p. 10. James Cootes : whaler by Sonia Kellett. (James was the husband of Waitaoro Te Kanawa, Ngāti Toa)
p. 32. Hira Royal : mother, and leader of her people by Rose Monk.
p. 59. Old Maori college photographs.
p. 63. Music and gardening a way of life for Paddy Rikihana by Queenie Rikihana-Hyland.