New ‘Other Genre’ novels for May, this month Horror/Ghost/Vampires.

For this month’s ‘Other Genre’ novels, the popular Horror/Ghosts/Vampires fiction was selected from the most recent additions to the collection. Everything horrific is included, demonology, paranormal and supernatural, vampires, witches, psychics and even Bedbugs the subject and title of Ben H Winters new horror novel.

Syndetics book coverThe shape stealer / Lee Carroll.
“Garet Jones, jewelry designer and the last in a line of powerful women destined to protect the mortal world from supernatural evils, has traveled back in time to rescue Will Hughes, her 400-year-old lover, from vampirism. But when she returns to the present it’s with the wrong Will Hughes, the 19-year-old youth who loved Garet’s ancestor, Marguerite. Worse, the evil Babylonian deity Marduk has returned with them to the 21st century. In her pursuit of a way to defeat Marduk and find “her” Will Hughes, Garet discovers a group of warriors known as the Knights Temporal, whose job is to preserve the time line from those who would change it for their own selfish purposes.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverWide open / Deborah Coates.Wide Open
“When Sergeant Hallie Michaels returns home to South Dakota from Afghanistan on ten days’ compassionate leave, her sister Dell’s ghost is waiting at the airport to greet her. The sheriff says that Dell’s death was a suicide, but Hallie doesn’t believe it. As Hallie pushes for answers, she attracts more ghosts, local women who disappeared without a trace and discovers a disturbing pattern. Now she needs to not just figure out what happened to Dell but to make sure no one else shares her fate”(adapted from Book cover)

Syndetics book coverDark predator : a Carpathian novel / Christine Feehan.
“As brutal as the undead he hunted, Zacarias De La Cruz was a master executioner. Now his stark and savage journey is over. After a thousand years in a grey world, he has accomplished everything he set out to do, his brothers are safeguarded, and each has found a woman. Zacarias has walked the edge of madness. But without a hunt to define him, Zacarias wonders, for the first time in his life, who he really is. The answer awaits him back home in Peru, in the betrayal of a woman who is readying her trap, in the vengeance of an old enemy, in the inevitable consequences of a bloody family legacy, and in the deliverance of a life mate he never could have imagined” (adapted from

Syndetics book coverThe quickening / Julie Myerson.
“Rachel and Dan want to go somewhere hot in January. Recently married and expecting their first baby, they decide on an island in the Caribbean. Why not turn it into a honeymoon, Dan suggests, a holiday in paradise. It ought to be perfect. Except that, for Rachel, it’s not. Things take a sinister turn as soon as they arrive. As furniture shifts and objects fly around, as a waitress begs her to leave and a fellow guest makes her increasingly uneasy, Rachel realizes everything she holds most dear is at stake and nothing is quite as it seems. “(adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverBiting cold : a Chicagoland vampires novel / Chloe Neill. “Turned into a vampire against her will, Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago’s vampire underground, where she learned there was more to supernaturals than met the eye, and more supernaturals than the public ever imagined. And not all the secrets she learned were for sharing, among humans or inhumans. Merit is on the hunt, charging across the stark American Midwest, tailing a rogue supernatural, intent on stealing an ancient artefact that could unleash catastrophic evil on the world. But Merit is also the prey. An enemy of Chicagoland is hunting her, and he’ll stop at nothing to get the book for himself. No mercy allowed. No rules apply. No lives spared.” (adapted from

Syndetics book coverLast days / Adam Nevill.
“British filmmaker Kyle Freeman is on his last financial legs when he’s offered a deal that sounds too good to be true: 100,000 dollars to help Max Solomon, publisher of the hot self-help book of the moment, make a documentary about a cult. In 1975, nine people were found dead at the headquarters of the Temple of the Last Days in an abandoned mine in Arizona. Among the corpses was Sister Katherine, the founder of the temple, beheaded at her own request. Freeman, who’s given a tight schedule to complete the project, soon gets the feeling that supernatural forces are at work and that his producer has been less than forthcoming.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverGrave memory : an Alex Craft novel / Kalayna Price.
“Grave witch and police consultant Alex Craft uses her ability to raise the dead temporarily to solve crimes. When the shade of a suicide victim can’t recall his passing, Alex determines that his death is actually a murder.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverDownpour : a Greywalker novel / Kat Richardson.
“After being shot in the back and dying, again, Greywalker Harper Blaine’s only respite from the chaos is her work. But while conducting a pre-trial investigation in the Olympic Peninsula, she sees a ghostly car accident whose victim insists that he was murdered and that the nearby community of Sunset Lakes is to blame. Harper soon learns that the icy waters of the lake hide a terrible power, and a host of hellish beings under the thrall of a sinister cabal that will use the darkest of arts to achieve their fiendish ends.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverLover at last : a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood / J.R. Ward.
“Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to being on his own. Disavowed from his bloodline, shunned by the aristocracy, he has finally found an identity as one of the most brutal fighters in the war against the Lessening Society. But his life is not complete. Even as the prospect of having a family of his own seems to be within reach, he is empty on the inside, his heart given to another. Blay, after years of unrequited love, has moved on from his feelings for Qhuinn and has found his perfect match in a Chosen female. Fate seems to have taken these vampire soldiers in different directions, but as the battle over the race’s throne intensifies, and new players on the scene in Caldwell create mortal danger for the Brotherhood, Qhuinn finally learns the true definition of courage.” (adapted from

Syndetics book coverBedbugs / Ben H. Winters.
“Susan and Alex Wendt have found their dream apartment. Sure, the landlady is a little eccentric. And the elderly handyman drops some cryptic remarks about the basement. But the rent is so low; it’s too good to pass up, a big mistake. Susan soon discovers that her new home is crawling with bedbugs, or is it? She awakens every morning with fresh bites, but neither Alex nor their daughter Emma has a single welt. An exterminator searches the property and turns up nothing. The landlady insists her building is clean. Susan fears she’s going mad, until a more sinister explanation presents itself: she may literally be confronting the bedbug problem from Hell.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)