Playstation trial at the library

Exciting news for fans of gaming! We are trialing some Playstation gaming at these libraries – Karori, Johnsonville, Cummings Park, Miramar and Kilbirnie. Some of the reasons we chose to try this at Wellington City Libraries include:

  • Play of all types is critical to the learning and development of children.
  • In moderation, gaming has been associated with higher intelligence, doing well at school and getting on well with peers.
  • Gaming encourages problem solving, strategic thinking, and creativity. As a shared experience, it encourages collaboration, community building and communication.
  • There is scientific evidence that gaming can physically increase parts of the brain related to memory, spatial navigation, and fine motor function.
  • It can also improve eyesight for the visually impaired, and improve a person’s sense of wellbeing.
  • We believe games can attract non-readers into the library and enable us to expose them to a reading culture and promote related library services.
  • Cost is a barrier to aspects of digital media literacy for some. Libraries can remove this barrier and foster community inclusiveness.
  • Most games involve elaborate storytelling and tie-in with other items held at the library. Read the book, watch the movie, listen to the CD and play the game!
  • Gaming adds a strand to existing library creative learning resources such as board games, puzzles, Lego and library makerspaces.
  • The NZ Physical Activity Guidelines (Ministry of Health) suggest up to 2hrs per day of recreational screen time is acceptable (in addition to school screen time) for children.
  • Other New Zealand libraries have been successfully running Playstation gaming sessions for over 10 years.

Parents are welcome to play with their children. Parental permission and supervision is required for children. Noise control is managed by the use of headsets.

We are offering it for a few hours per week only – not all the time, so please check with your nearest participating library as to which games they have available and when games can be played.

Pokémon in the library!

So you may have heard of this new game called Pokémon GO. It’s only the biggest craze sweeping the nation right now, with news stories popping up everywhere about a sore leg pandemic, traffic fines for playing while driving, and about people kayaking out to sea to capture a Pokémon gym for their team.

If you’re mystified, here are the basics: the game is an augmented reality app for both iOS and Android, and it uses Google Maps data to place your avatar in the real world so you can capture Pokémon that you find at the beach, the park, on the streets, or even in your own home. If you’re still confused, have a look at this article which explains everything you need to know.

We’re pretty excited that the Central library (and Karori!) is a Pokéstop (landmark) so we’ll be using Pokémon lure modules to bring the Pokémon to us! We’ll be active from 12-5pm TODAY, Friday 15th July, and next week from the 18th to the 22nd of July from 11am-2pm each day. We’ve got loads of power sockets and USB charging stations for you to use to keep your phone charged up so you can catch ’em all! By the way, we’ve noticed an abundance of Bulbasaurs ’round here.

IMG_9136 IMG_9133

PokédexWe also have this “old school” Pokédex in our children’s area where you can tell us which Pokémon you’ve caught in the library. Check out our Tumblr for some more great Pokémon content 😉

You can also join us on Twitter using the hashtag #PokémonABook – some of the ones we’ve come up with are pretty great, if we do say so ourselves! For Whom the Bellsprout Tolls, Catcher in the Rhyhorn, Wartortle and Peace, Pride and Pidgeot, The Old Man and the Seaking, The Weepinbell Jar… Tweet us your best mashups!

Happy hunting, trainers!