Speak a different language with Mango

We’ve just added a free, interactive language-learning programme to our digital collection – Mango Languages.  Whether preparing for a trip, brushing up on old skills or just trying a new language for the love of it,  Mango is a fun, easy and effective way to learn.

One innovative (and let’s face it, potentially mortifying) feature is the ability to record yourself and compare your accent to native speakers.

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There are 49 languages to choose from, including:

  • Eiffel TowerSpanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

pirateThere are also 15 English as a Second Language courses  which include lessons for native speakers of Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin), and Japanese.

Alternatively, if you somehow find yourself marooned in the Caribbean, roughly between the 16th and 19th centuries, you might want to give ‘Pirate’ a try.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Your library card
  • A computer and an internet connection
  • Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher

Android users:  download the Mango app for free from Google Play
Apple iOs users: download the Mango app for free from iTunes

Here’s a YouTube tutorial to get you started:

New additions to the Community Languages collection.

Have you kept in touch with the latest arrivals of our foreign book collection? You can now view the most recent titles displayed on the First floor of the Central Library, Arts, Music and Literature area. Have a taste by browsing the following sellection of French, German, Spanish, and Chinese books and enjoy!

French Books

PS: I love you
“The story is based on Holly and her husband Gerry who passes away with a brain tumour. Holly found it hard trying to come to terms with what has happened to her. She receives a call from her mother saying there is a note for her. It turns out her husband has left her notes that last 10 months. Each month a new one is opened with something different to help guide her to progress with her life ‘without’ him. This novel is a must read as it would touch the heart of the reader.” – (Drawn by publisher’s description)

German Books

Theo Boone und der unsichtbare Zeuge
“Theo Boon, the son of a lawyer and a lover of law and justice, lost the most difficult case – and he’s only thirteen! During his time in Heimatstadtchen, south of USA he takes on a sensational crime. This seems to be the perfect crime, and soon becomes apparent that the defendant will escape his just punishment. But there is an eye-witness!” – (Drawn by publisher’s description)

“A demonic psychological thriller, the nightmare of a woman. It is the first case for Carl Mørck from the Department of Special Q in Copenhagen. On 2 March 2002, a woman disappears without a trace on the ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden. Everyone suspected the cause being death by drowning. But Merete is not dead. She is being held in a prison made of concrete. A distorted voice comes from a speaker somewhere in the dark: “Congratulations on your birthday, Merete. You’re here for 126 days, and this is our birthday gift to you. The light will stay on for a year unless you give us some answers.” – (Drawn by publisher’s description)

Spanish Books

El tiempo entre costuras
“A fabulous novel covering from the years previous to the Spanish Civil War to the end of the WWII, with scenes covering Madrid, Tanger and Tetuan, Madrid again and Lisbon to finally return to Madrid once again, with intrigue and history development with a formal bibliography of the non fictional aspects of the book which give a hard backbone to the fiction of the novel. In Spanish works just fine even her author has a PhD in English literature and applies many of the techniques used in English to this very Spanish novel.” – (Néstor C. Tirado,M.D)

“As a young girl growing up in Spain, Ana Larragoity Cubillas is powerfully drawn to Puerto Rico by the diaries of an ancestor who travelled there with Ponce de León. Ann travels across the ocean to a remote sugar plantation where she faces unrelenting heat, disease and isolation, and the dangers of the untamed countryside. But when the Civil War breaks out in the United States, Ana finds her livelihood, and perhaps even her life, threatened by the very people on whose backs her wealth has been built. This is a sensual, riveting tale and thrilling history that has never before been brought so vividly and unforgettably to life.” – (adapted from Amazon.co.uk description)

Chinese Books

Quan jia fu mao yi ji jin
“New Knitting tricks by a number of well-known knitting experts selected out from more than a thousand patterns. This book brings together various knitting patterns, and offers ideas and techniques how to use materials for knitting and weaving.” – (Drawn by publisher’s description)

Shuo huang: jie chuan shang ye, zheng zhi yu hun yin de pian ju
“This book focuses on criminal investigations and law enforcement agencies in Europe and America. It offers accounts of the personality traits of suspects and the ways judges, prosecutors, lawyers and police address the various issues. It also includes a collection of insights from psychiatrists, social workers and consultants enabling the reader to develop an understanding how to prevent deception at home and in the workplace.” – (Drawn by publisher’s description)