Seize the day – it’s never too late!

Begin with your thoughts and seize the day – whether you’re better than normal or exceptional, it’s never to late to be great!

Syndetics book coverIt’s your thoughts that count : how to use your thoughts to transform your life / by Wendy Betteridge.
“”Your thoughts that count” is a voyage through Wendy’s many training experiences. It brings together the best of what she’s learned as she has taught and trained others. Her book provides great skills for leaders and managers, confidence and certainty for sportsmen and women, comfort and solutions for those who are depressed or whose self esteem is low, techniques for children and young adults who are studying, and great communication skills for everyone. It provides the tools for seeking out personal values, for avoiding procrastination, for setting goals and committing to make them a reality.” (Global Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverBetter than normal : how what makes you different can make you exceptional / Dale Archer.
“What if the inattentiveness that makes school or work a challenge holds the secret to your future as an entrepreneur? What if the anxiety you often feel can actually help energize you? Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Dale Archer believes that labels for behavior like “ADHD,” “bipolar,” and “OCD” are normal human qualities–and contends that we all experience these and other psychological traits to some extent, yet fail to leverage the significant advantages they can offer. Here, Dr. Archer offers a framework for redefining what constitutes mental health. Drawing on his twenty years of clinical experience, he describes eight traits of human behavior. Each of these occurs along a continuum rather than as a simple on-off switch (where “off ” means we’re fine, and “on” means we’ve got a problem). These are the aspects of our personality that we worry about the most, but these are also the very things that make us distinctive and different.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverCouples : how we make love last / Kate Figes.
“These days, many of us enjoy unrivalled freedom and equality when it comes to choosing and building a relationship. Yet new myths about how to live and love compromise that happiness.Kate Figes argues that, whether married or cohabiting, gay or straight, remarried or a couple living apart, the quality of our intimate relationship is fundamental to our long-term health and happiness, because our need for commitment and love hasn’t changed.This is not a handbook. There are no easy ‘Mars and Venus’ universal recipes for success, because relationships are far too complicated, individual and important for easy answers. But learning how others sustain lifelong love, and what really goes on in other people’s lives can help us to understand our own partnerships and take responsibility for making them work. Couples is an incisive and important look at how we can learn to make love endure.” (Global Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverNever too late to be great : the power of thinking long / Tom Butler-Bowden.
“It is rarely too late to begin the journey of being or doing something remarkable. ‘Never Too Late to be Great’ is about the power of thinking long. Drawing on wide research into ‘lead time’ and the ‘ten-year’ rule, personal development authority Tom Butler-Bowdon shows that, contrary to popular belief, people, companies, products and ideas invariably need time to realise their potential. And how, when we give ourselves slightly longer timeframes, anything is possible. At the age you are now, many famous and remarkable people were only just getting into their stride. Given longer lifespans, it is likely that you have more time than you think to achieve your goals. This book will show you why, in all probability, your best is yet to come.” (Book cover)

Syndetics book coverSeize the day : how the dying teach us to live / Marie de Hennezel ; translated by Carol Brown Janeway.
“Marie de Hennezel is a gifted psychologist who works as part of a remarkable team of doctors and nurses in a hospital for the terminally ill. In this eloquent book, she shares her unique perspective on what life and death really mean – and explores how talking about death, and facing up to it, can actually help us lead more abundant lives. The men and women who come to the palliative-care unit do not always know that they are dying. It is de Hennezel’s aim to bring them and their loved ones to this knowledge, and then to encourage them to live each day as fully and serenely as possible. Through insight and humanity, and the unforgettable people she helps, we learn how precious the final days of a person’s life can be and how deeply moving it is to share these moments with someone else. In an age where people hesitate to talk about dying, ‘Seize the Day’ lends us the strength to confront the mysteries of death, gives us hope and celebrates the courage of the human spirit.” (Global Books in Print)