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Are you fluent in Italian, French or Chinese and searching for a new inspirational read? Take a look at this list of recent picks which includes a good selection of stories to keep you entertained.

  • Italian Books

Over 10 Italian novels of different genres have been added to our collection this month. Following are three books you can include on your reading list right now.

L'uomo neroL’uomo nero e la bicicletta blu, by Eraldo Baldini.
Set in the rural Italy of the 70’s, where the centuries of civilisation are confronting the modern world of technicolour films and men on the moon.  A village inhabited by weird adults and a child with a vivid imagination. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

Non Lasciarmi, By Kazuo Ishiguro.
A novel written by a Japanese author whose family migrated to
England when he was six years old. Three children growing up in a boarding school, are subjected to probing experiments by their teachers, which threatened their loyalty to one another. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

Famiglie, by Francesca Comencini.
The story of two families, one with a mother of two children by a former relationship, the other a conservative catholic couple whose adopted daughter has a close friendship with the young girl from the other family. The book explores the affections of one and the more rigid bonds of the other. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

  • French books

Check out the latest additions to our French language section, including psychological thrillers, interesting stories about relationships and biographies.

cover imageDieu Voyage Toujours Incognito, by L. Gounelle.
On the verge of committing suicide, Alan is saved by a stranger who wants his complete obedience in exchange for the secret of a better life. Although in the form a novel, this book is an exploration of psychology theories with the aim of showing that a better, happier, more content life is within veryone’s grasp. Written in an easy style, this is an optimistic and pleasant read, between self-help and fiction.
(Drawn by publisher’s description)

Le quai de Ouistreham, by Florence Aubenas.
In this book, the author gives a personal account of a social experiment she carried out in 2009, which sole purpose was to investigate how difficult it would be to find a job as a school leaver. Her story covers the 6 months period it will take her to finally find a short term contract for a few hours of work per week. She uncovers a world of constant anxiety, desperation, extreme hardship that is the fate of many in today’s France. Yet what she finds is support, generosity and solidarity in the face of adversity. Investigative journalism at its best, this book is an open window onto an often ignored side of modern French society. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

La Fille de Papier, by G. Musso.
A famous writer’s inspiration is drying out when suddenly his story’s heroin appears in real life. Attractive and desperate, she will die if he stops writing. This is the beginning of a fascinating adventure for the two protagonists, in a constant swirl between fiction and reality. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

  • Chinese books

We have expanded our range of Chinese books on health, history, biography and cooking. If you are just browsing you can start with the books listed here!

Qu bie zhen de yi wan zhong yong tu = Qu bie zhen de yi wan zhong yong tuQu bie zhen de yi wan zhong yong tu = Qu bie zhen de yi wan zhong yong tu / Ke Yunlu zhu.
In this book the author suggests a few ideas, tips and ways to be good at your work, maintaining a successful career. He offers advice how to keep meaningful relationships that can improve your lifestyle in all aspects. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

Jing dian ka fei yiao zhi shou ce.
A book for coffee lovers with recipes and superb ideas how to make and present the most amazing cups of coffee. Included is a list of tips, starting from how to create the perfect shot of espresso to learning the art of frothing the milk for cappuccinos and latte. (Drawn by publisher’s description)

1988 : Wo xiang he zhe ge shi jie tan tan / Han Han zuo pin.
The story of a young man and his experiences travelling around the world in his van, including his relationships with various young women, who crossed his path.