What Theresa thinks about New Zealand Music

We put a few key questions to our lovely (and knowledgeable) Wellington Library staff about New Zealand Music.

The most under-rated NZ band or musician: The Rabble are a great up-and-coming NZ punk band.


Your favourite NZ band or musician: Goodnight Nurse rank highly. their songs are catchy and their gigs are consistently fun and entertaining.


Your favourite live NZ music act: Streetwise Scarlet are wonderful live with high energy and great interaction with the crowd. Also, Wellington-based covers band, The Business are guaranteed to get everyone dancing. 


Thanks Theresa!

Rapture Ruckus Rocked!

It was a cold wintery night,  but a small group of music groupies braved the cold to see Brad Dring from Rapture Ruckus talk about is career path to becoming a famous musician at the Central Library on the 8th of May.


Don’t miss the next New Zealand Music Month session- Music Producer Lee Prebble, from The Surgery, and musician Age Pryor, from the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and The Woolshed Sessions, will be at the Central Library on Tuesday 26th May at 4.30pm.

The most underrated NZ music of all time (according to some of us anyway)

The staff at Wellington City Libraries, being into all things Kiwi, have come up with a list of the most underrated New Zealand bands or albums of all time.   Check these out, and let us know if you agree with our picks:

Bressa Creeting Cake by Bressa Creeting Cake Continue reading “The most underrated NZ music of all time (according to some of us anyway)”

Staff Picks

Soft Bomb by The Chills
Staff member: Monty

I love ‘Soft bomb’ first and foremost for two of the most personal, searing ballads ever written.’Halo Fading’ is a hymn to lost love.  This Halo fades and as the song progresses Martin Phillips lyrics and music swell and recede in piano and string response to memory and digression, love and disappointment. ‘Song for Randy Newman’ starts with ‘Can you hear sounds forming in your head?/Do they say more than you’ve ever said?’   The repeating coda is ‘Hunger, Hunger, Hunger,’ and Phillips places himself at the head table of song writers, among ‘Men like Wilson, Barrett, walker, Drake…’   The delicacy of the tune, the understated production, the building vision all attest to his inclusion – at least for this song.  They’re complete songs – perfect.

The Phoenix Foundation, in the library, in person

Event alert! We’ve got another group of musos for NZ Music Month!

Samuel Flynn Scott and Luke Buda from The Phoenix Foundation will be at the Wellington Central Library on May 28th at 4.30pm. They’re taking a break from their national tour to visit and give you guys a chance to get up close and personal and ask them about whatever you want to know (like music and stuff).

The Phoenix Foundation did the theme song for that cool NZ Movie Eagle Vs. Shark! Here’s some of their work.

No bookings are required at this free event. Put it in your diaries!

So who is Lee Prebble? … and why would you want to know?

‘Dr’ Lee Prebble is a musician’s dream come true. He is a music production guru, and he’s all ours! Well… for an hour or two anyway.

Lee Prebble has worked with top NZ bands like Trinity Roots, The Black Seeds, Twinset, The Phoenix Foundation, Fly My Pretties and even Dave Dobbyn!

You can catch him at the Wellington Central Library on May 26th @ 4.30pm. He’ll be giving you guys the tips and tricks about how to get your band recorded and anything else you want him to talk about (you could ask him about that ‘Dr’ title for a start…)

No bookings required!

New Zealand Music Month is here…


… And we need your help!

If you could ask musicians some questions about their job, what would you want to know?

Post your questions in the comment section below. We’re going to find some musos to quiz, so we need to know what to ask them.

To celebrate New Zealand Music Month Wellington City Libraries have invited musicians to give interactive QnA sessions at the Wellington Central Library.

Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus 8th May @4.30pm

Lee Prebble of The Surgery and Age Pryor of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra 26th May @ 4.30pm

Samuel Scott and Luke Buda of The Phoenix Foundation 28th May @ 4.30pm

No bookings required at these FREE sessions.

Keep checking back here for more info about NZ Music Month.